What Is Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention?

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Presentation title slide. In the upper left it says, “CONNECTED SECURITY.” The main headline says, “WHAT IS JUNIPER ADVANCED THREAT PREVENTIONS?” Below that it says, “TECH BULLETS >>.”

Can Juniper’s threat intelligence hub protect your network? Find out here.

Enterprise SecOps teams, watch this short video for insights into Juniper's Advanced Threat Protection service. It’s a sophisticated service that uses dynamic analysis, machine learning, and adaptive threat profiling to protect your organization. It’s available as a cloud-based service or an on-premises appliance. 

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You’ll learn

  • How the service detects malware hidden in files, DNS requests, and IP traffic

  • Ways it automatically adapts to vulnerabilities from high-risk users and devices

  • How it stops threats hidden in encrypted traffic and curates threat intel throughout the network 

Who is this for?

Security Professionals Network Professionals


0:03 what is juniper advanced threat

0:05 prevention juniper advanced threat

0:07 prevention is a sophisticated security

0:09 service that can

0:10 automatically discover and mitigate

0:12 known and unknown cyber threats within

0:14 files iptraffic and dns requests using a

0:18 combination of static and dynamic

0:20 analysis and machine learning

0:23 detect targeted attacks on the network

0:25 including high-risk users and devices

0:27 and automatically mobilize your defenses

0:31 detect and stop threats hiding within

0:33 encrypted traffic without decrypting

0:37 curate and distribute threat

0:38 intelligence throughout the network to

0:40 routers switches access points and

0:42 firewalls for orchestrated action

0:46 discover fingerprint and apply security

0:49 policies to protect internet of things

0:51 or iot devices

0:54 juniper advanced threat prevention is

0:56 available as a cloud-based service or an

0:59 on-premises appliance and integrates

1:01 with juniper's srx series firewalls mx

1:03 series routers and ex series and qfx

1:06 series switches

1:09 for more information follow the links

1:11 provided below

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