Kate Adam, Senior Director of Security Product Marketing, Juniper Networks

Operationalizing Security

SecurityAI in Action 23
 Kate Adam, Senior Director of Security Product Marketing, Juniper Networks
Image showing Kate Adam, Senior Director of Security Product Marketing, Juniper Networks, speaking on stage at the AI in Action event.

Explore Juniper Connected Security, where networking and security come together anywhere and everywhere. Hear from Juniper’s Senior Director of Connected Security Marketing, Kate Adam at AI in Action 2023.


0:49 Juniper Connected Security

1:58 Juniper's Security Industry Recognition 

3:20 Securing Data & Access to Data

3:55 Juniper Connected Security in Action 

7:07 Juniper Secure Edge Deep Dive

8:29 Operationalizing Security with AI & Automation 

11:25 Taking the Pain Out of Security Deployments

15:14 Operationalize the Security Experience 

18:41 Closing Statements

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  • What is Juniper Connected Security

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Kate Adam, Senior Director of Security Product Marketing, Juniper Networks
Kate Adam
Senior Director of Security Product Marketing, Juniper Networks



0:00 [Music]

0:10 thank you

0:13 guys ready for the best session

0:16 I'm super biased because security is my

0:18 favorite topic

0:20 um networking Schmidt working

0:23 um no what is what is a network without

0:25 security well it's not going to be a

0:28 network for very long or at a minimum

0:30 it's not going to be your network for

0:31 very long

0:32 we know that security and networking

0:35 have to come together right that's the

0:38 future right and networking without

0:40 security is

0:43 these days are numbered and you can't

0:45 have security without a network to

0:47 secure

Juniper Connected Security

0:49 this is Juniper's vision and what we've

0:53 been executing on with security for the

0:56 last four or five years this is Juniper

0:58 connected security

1:00 where networking and security come

1:02 together

1:04 everywhere right to better protect your

1:07 users your devices including iot and all

1:11 the data in all your applications

1:13 wherever they may be

1:16 in addition it's actually leveraging the

1:19 network itself

1:21 to come to its own defense

1:24 this is the threat aware Network this is

1:26 Juniper connected security

1:29 and if AI

1:31 and our use of it missed Marvis all the

1:34 cool things you heard Cydia talk about

1:36 all the cool things you heard Mike talk

1:38 about that's no secret right

1:41 if that's no secret Juniper's best kept

1:44 secret is its security right this

1:48 connected security strategy using the

1:51 entire network all the things that make

1:53 it go

1:55 to help the network come to its own

1:57 defense

Juniper's Security Industry Recognition

1:58 I've actually gotten some pretty good

2:00 recognition as this being where the

2:03 industry itself needs to go we're

2:06 already doing it

2:09 but I think the biggest piece of

2:12 validation that not only is Juniper on

2:14 the right path with regards to our

2:16 security strategy and how we're using

2:19 the entire network

2:20 but the fact that if you buy you invest

2:24 in security technology what do you want

2:26 it to do you want to actually protect

2:28 your network right

2:29 otherwise it's money down the drain

2:31 these test scores right we we don't just

2:34 test ourselves and say just trust us

2:36 right zero trust is a way of life my

2:38 friends

2:40 we have multiple third-party tests that

2:43 validate that not only is our

2:45 performance what we say it is right not

2:47 only is it easy to deploy and manage but

2:49 where security matters can it actually

2:52 protect you against exploits can it

2:54 actually protect you against malware

2:56 overwhelmingly best in Industry yes yes

3:00 it can this is this is Juniper right

3:04 multiple third-party tests multiple use

3:07 cases consistently the most effective

3:10 security in the industry today

3:13 and uh I'm just gonna do this

3:18 you know we we use

Securing Data & Access to Data

3:22 you know our our security is about

3:24 securing the entire network right it's

3:25 not just one place security has to be

3:27 everywhere and it's in its most

3:29 simplistic form security can be broken

3:32 down into kind of two very very basic

3:35 concepts one it's about protecting data

3:37 right you've got to protect your data

3:40 and then you got to protect access to

3:42 that data

3:43 that sounds simple right but we all know

3:46 that actually doing it is pretty hard

3:51 security is challenging

3:54 but doesn't need to be

Juniper Connected Security in Action

3:56 and so this is how Juniper is

3:58 operationalizing security

4:01 protecting data wherever it lives

4:03 everywhere it lives

4:05 on-prem in the cloud in multiple clouds

4:08 and protecting access to that data again

4:11 whether your users and your device is

4:14 accessing that data are in a campus

4:16 somewhere or in branches somewhere or

4:18 you know all of us were on the road I

4:21 see some laptops out

4:22 your access needs to be protected and it

4:25 needs to be protected consistently

4:27 and with that same level of efficacy

4:29 that you just saw on the slide prior to

4:31 this

4:32 that's what we do

4:34 so how do we do this well I'm glad you

4:36 asked

4:38 we've used security as a horizontal

4:40 business unit at Juniper the means that

4:43 the security business unit works with

4:46 every single other product team because

4:48 security can't just be one place in the

4:51 network it has to be everywhere it has

4:53 to be consistent it has to provide

4:54 visibility effective threat protection

4:57 everywhere and especially with a lot of

5:01 new use cases and changing architectures

5:03 that is more important than ever so how

5:05 do we do this well first we're going to

5:07 protect your access at your Edge

5:09 wherever your Edge is again whether you

5:13 are in the office

5:15 traveling or you know in Vegas enjoying

5:18 the Cosmopolitan

5:20 your access you your access is protected

5:24 consistently

5:25 we're protecting connectivity across the

5:27 Wan right all that data that's going

5:31 back and forth making sure that your

5:33 network is not just up but good part of

5:36 good means secure

5:39 so we're doing that across the WAN and

5:40 then finally protecting the data it's

5:43 not just about the data center anymore

5:45 it's centers of data your data is

5:47 everywhere and it's moving right we are

5:51 in the era of hybrid cloud and security

5:53 has to be everywhere and it has to be

5:56 consistent so we're not only protecting

5:58 access to the data center we are

6:01 consistently protecting applications the

6:03 data that resides in them and the data

6:05 as it moves from App a to app B right

6:09 from user a to user B right wherever it

6:12 goes it will be protected consistently

6:14 across every cloud

6:17 and we do this all

6:19 through one single management experience

6:21 and I think that's the most important

6:23 piece right who wants to be looking at a

6:27 billion dashboards I don't mostly

6:29 because I just get confused and then you

6:32 know need to take some Excedrin

6:34 um

6:36 you need to see everything and you need

6:37 to see everything in one place you need

6:39 to be able to control everything and

6:41 control everything in one place and more

6:43 importantly you need to be able to

6:44 ensure that the policies that you have

6:47 set up at your Edge wherever your Edge

6:49 is align with all the policies that

6:52 you've set up across all your centers of

6:54 data

6:55 and you need you to be able to do that

6:56 as quickly and effectively as possible

6:58 and that's all done through security

7:01 director Cloud excuse me security

7:03 director cloud

7:06 so how does this really work right so at

Juniper Secure Edge Deep Dive

7:09 the edge we do some really cool stuff at

7:10 the edge right wired Wireless

7:13 sd-wan and security

7:16 we can protect your Edge wherever it may

7:19 be

7:20 across whatever architecture you may

7:22 have right if you're got deployed a kind

7:25 of a traditional campus and Branch ngfw

7:27 cool we've got you

7:29 if you're on your sassy Journey whether

7:32 you're just starting and you're kind of

7:34 halfway through or you're like no I want

7:36 to be at the Promised Land

7:38 we've got you

7:40 we've got you with consistent security

7:42 efficacy we've got you with zero touch

7:45 provisioning and a very easy

7:48 management experience

7:51 in the data center again

7:54 very consistent easy to use you can

7:58 create policies that follow your apps

8:00 wherever they go if you're in the

8:02 process of moving apps from your

8:04 on-premises data center to a public

8:06 Cloud environment or from cloud a to

8:09 Cloud B it doesn't matter

8:11 you can create a policy that follows the

8:13 app so you don't have to come back in

8:15 and go oh man

8:16 I gotta recreate this potentially

8:19 introduce some human error I gotta

8:21 figure out you know all of these new

8:23 configurations no no we've got you

8:27 so now on to the nerdy stuff

Operationalizing Security with AI & Automation

8:29 how we are using Ai and automation to

8:32 operationalize security across the

8:34 network

8:35 um

8:36 I saw a a new segment a week or two ago

8:40 one of our you know big security

8:43 competitors the CEO came on and he was

8:46 talking about you know the future of

8:47 security is AI and I was like yeah man

8:50 yeah and then you know he said something

8:52 that you know AI for security that's the

8:55 future

8:58 we're doing it today

9:00 so how well first of all

9:03 we're using AI to protect your your

9:05 networks right we have we've been using

9:08 you know machine learning algorithms

9:10 using automation we've we've been using

9:12 artificial intelligence to not only

9:15 detect new threats and changes in the

9:18 attack landscape but provide protection

9:22 in such a way that you don't need to you

9:26 know

9:27 stress over every minute that goes by

9:30 so we're doing some cool things like

9:32 predictive domain generation detection

9:34 in malware so that we can protect you

9:38 your users your hosts

9:41 in a second

9:43 we're also doing some cool things with

9:44 AI to kind of strike this balance that I

9:48 don't think anyone ever really thought

9:49 was possible Right security and privacy

9:51 typically they're on opposite ends of

9:53 the spectrum right

9:55 well you can't have privacy if you have

9:57 to crack open every session but you

9:59 can't have security if you have to keep

10:01 everything private and encrypted and you

10:03 can't break it open right

10:04 when we are doing both you can have both

10:07 so what we're doing is we're able to

10:09 through looking at Network Behavior

10:12 looking at sessions looking at

10:13 certificates used

10:15 we don't have to decrypt we can tell you

10:18 if that traffic contains a threat or not

10:21 with over 90 accuracy

10:24 which is huge and less than one percent

10:26 false positives even bigger

10:28 so you don't have to decrypt and you

10:30 still get the security that you expect

10:32 and then lastly

10:35 bringing the network to come to its own

10:37 defense right so there's some cool stuff

10:39 we're doing here literally using all of

10:43 the network infrastructure routers

10:45 switches access points to to enable this

10:49 one of the cool things about this um is

10:53 being able to leverage the access points

10:55 I know you all have or are soon going to

10:57 be purchasing

10:59 for security

11:01 if you have a compromised user or you've

11:03 got a compromised iot device

11:06 the minute it becomes compromised

11:08 you can see it within your missed

11:10 dashboard

11:12 and not only that you can actually use

11:14 the AP to quarantine that host or kick

11:17 that user to the guest Network right

11:20 super cool stuff

11:22 the network comes to its own defense

Taking the Pain Out of Security Deployments

11:25 so I'm gonna ask another question here

11:28 how many of you have dealt with firewall

11:31 rules in your professional lifetime

11:35 yeah okay so then of those people who

11:37 raise your hands how many of you have

11:40 dealt with the crippling anxiety

11:42 of creating or changing said firewall

11:46 rules

11:47 yes

11:50 I hear you yes

11:52 so what if you didn't have to deal with

11:55 that what if you could make a change on

11:56 your firewall

11:58 stress-free

12:00 I know I know it seems crazy but we are

12:02 doing this today

12:04 with our rule intelligence

12:06 so we're looking at your policy set and

12:09 not only can we tell you hey you got

12:11 this set of rules that literally has

12:13 never been touched or will not be

12:14 touched because they are shadowed

12:17 here are some duplicate rules you can

12:18 get rid of those

12:19 but that rule that you're creating

12:22 based on how you're writing it we're

12:24 going to tell you exactly where it

12:26 should go

12:27 to be most effective but also to not cut

12:31 connectivity for any important users

12:33 that's huge

12:35 so not only can you get rid of that

12:38 anxiety

12:40 but you can also you know that that

12:43 those firewall rules that are 10 000

12:45 rules long I know you all have them

12:47 because I've seen them

12:49 they don't need to be that long

12:51 at least not ten thousand you can minim

12:53 you can you know take take a couple of

12:55 those rules off that will never be

12:57 touched get rid of all those duplicates

12:59 more importantly you know you can you

13:02 know reduce your the anxiety meds that

13:04 you have to be on as a result of working

13:06 with firewalls day in and day out

13:10 next you know you can't have security

13:12 without visibility and not just

13:15 visibility into you know what's going on

13:17 on your Edge what's going on on all your

13:19 centers of data but

13:21 actually looking at risk what's your

13:23 risk right now

13:26 well security director Cloud provides

13:28 that to you with adaptive risk controls

13:31 so what you can do is you can take a

13:33 look and say hmm have I had an attack on

13:35 my network lately

13:36 cool I have well that sucks where is it

13:40 along the you know along the attack kill

13:43 chain oh I had a product that just

13:45 stopped it cool I'm done or oh there's

13:48 an attack going on click a button

13:51 mitigates it not just with juniper

13:54 products but with any third-party

13:56 product literally any third product I

13:57 don't say this with an asterisk I

13:59 literally mean any third product

14:02 third-party product that you have in

14:03 your network today

14:05 and then lastly transformation

14:07 architectural transformation

14:10 security is hard already but throw in

14:13 the fact that

14:15 we're undergoing architectural

14:17 transformation at the edge with sassy in

14:20 the data center to hybrid Cloud throw in

14:24 the imperative now that you probably are

14:26 all dealing with with hey we have to

14:28 implement zero trust totally love it but

14:31 it is a lot harder than it sounds and

14:34 then on top of that how many open head

14:36 counts do you have on your security team

14:38 that have not been filled in the last

14:41 five years

14:43 this has been the story we are you know

14:45 we have a million unfilled security head

14:47 counts

14:49 sucks man so it makes transformation

14:51 even harder

14:53 we make it easy you can take what you

14:56 already have

14:58 and in three clicks

15:00 you can transform that policy into any

15:03 architecture

15:04 that is you know that is your

15:06 destination

15:07 it's really transformative stuff it

15:09 sounds simple but it is

15:11 really transformative

Operationalize the Security Experience

15:14 and then you know across the network

15:15 operationalizing The Experience right AI

15:18 makes the network experience amazing and

15:21 it makes your experience with the

15:23 network amazing

15:24 that extends to security so not only are

15:27 we providing you the answers to

15:29 questions like hey

15:31 which user is doing the worst stuff who

15:34 are my naughtiest users

15:36 which devices are you know doing some

15:40 things that indicate it's they're

15:42 probably compromised

15:43 what is my what are my users experience

15:46 with security on the network we answer

15:49 those for you we make

15:52 things that are very complex like data

15:55 center architectures incredibly simple

15:57 and that's not just the networking but

15:59 the security as well right being able to

16:02 take a security policy apply it to an

16:04 application and literally wherever it

16:06 moves

16:07 that policy can move with it and the

16:09 same is true at the edge

16:11 create a policy that follows your users

16:14 wherever they go

16:16 doesn't matter where they go if they're

16:18 on the road at home

16:21 or on the beach or in Vegas that policy

16:24 follows them

16:25 so you can automate

16:27 how you transition to zero trust you can

16:30 operationalize security and that's what

16:33 we've been doing we do this today it's

16:36 very exciting stuff

16:38 so again

16:39 security is already hard enough right

16:43 but with the power of AI and automation

16:46 our full portfolio the AI driven

16:49 Enterprise the cloud ready Data Center

16:51 and our automated Wan security wraps

16:54 around all of them not only providing

16:56 security to cross your entire network

16:59 consistently and with the best efficacy

17:01 in the industry consistently for the

17:04 past four years

17:06 but we're utilizing those same things so

17:10 that the network can come to its own

17:11 defense make your jobs a lot easier

17:15 one of the cool stories that I've heard

17:17 from a customer of a customer who had 30

17:20 000 users and this was you know near the

17:23 start of the pandemic they're like oh my

17:24 gosh like we we have to transition to

17:26 this whole work from home thing

17:28 30 000 users 70 of them are going to

17:31 remain work from home or work remote

17:35 and this team had four I.T guys

17:40 and they had 60 days

17:43 to figure this out

17:47 utilizing Juniper networking both are

17:50 campus switching our data center

17:52 switching sd-wan and security both with

17:56 the SRX firewall and with our Juniper

17:59 secure Edge SSE

18:01 they were able to do that for guys they

18:04 met that 60-day deadline and they

18:06 remarked that this was really easy

18:09 it was super easy to do and on top of

18:11 that we got a an unexpected use case

18:14 where they were able to use their qfx's

18:19 to

18:21 quarantine infected servers

18:24 they didn't need to put endpoint

18:25 protection on those servers who could

18:27 right it's a server

18:28 they were able to

18:30 lock down those servers if compromise

18:32 happened very quickly

18:34 that's the threat aware Network and that

18:36 is the power of juniper connected

18:37 Security in Juniper Networks so I'm um

Closing Statements

18:42 security Is My Jam

18:45 and security is the jam of the entire

18:48 Juniper Networks portfolio so I'm I'm

18:52 really excited that we've been on this

18:55 path and will continue to be on this

18:56 path that we've been leveraging Ai and

18:59 automation to

19:01 not just make the network you know work

19:04 but make it really good and really

19:07 secure

19:08 so I appreciate the time thank you guys

19:10 so much and next up I would love to

19:14 introduce Brian O'Connor he's the VP of

19:16 solutions engineering from Granite

19:18 Telecom thank you thank you so

19:21 [Music]

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