VolkerWessels Relies on Juniper's AI-Driven Solutions to Deliver "Total Connectivity"

Michelle Breugelmans, Service Delivery Manager, VolkerWessels Telecom

Michelle Breugelmans, Service Delivery Manager at VolkerWessels Telecom, describes the challenges of being a service provider today, and how Juniper Networks' solutions help to deliver "total connectivity."

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You’ll learn

  • What challenges were solved by Juniper technology

  • What organizational improvements happened as a result of AI-driven solutions

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Michelle Breugelmans, Service Delivery Manager, VolkerWessels Telecom
Michelle Breugelmans
Service Delivery Manager, VolkerWessels Telecom


0:06 we at folk versus Telecom design builds

0:10 Monitor and maintain networks in the

0:12 Netherlands United Kingdom Belgium and

0:15 Germany

0:16 with our specialized efficient

0:18 connectivity services and solutions we

0:21 have been realizing scalable OWN Network

0:23 since 2019

0:26 these networks can be expanded with

0:28 additional services

0:30 cyber security and iot

0:33 now we are a managed service provider

0:36 which helps for commercials to grow from

0:38 a traditional contractor to a

0:40 connectivity service provider we had a

0:44 lot of challenges that led us to explore

0:46 new technologies which is the reason we

0:49 embraced Juniper as a partner

0:55 the Juniper technology we have chosen to

0:58 solve our challenges is the full Juniper

1:00 Mist AI stack and we just added the

1:03 session smart router to the solution

1:05 the Juniper sd1 solution driven by Mist

1:09 AI allows us to provide connectivity to

1:11 our clients that range from indoor wires

1:14 and Wireless on their campuses to one

1:17 Services linking their private data

1:20 centers and cloud services

1:22 [Music]

1:26 organizational improvements we have been

1:28 seen as a result of visibility into the

1:31 network experience from flying to clouds

1:33 that helps us to deliver a better

1:36 customer experience but also a better

1:39 experience from our colleagues

1:41 where network issues do arise our

1:44 technical team can use AI driven

1:46 insights and Market actions for faster

1:49 resolution of incidents

1:55 we are able to serve our customers

1:57 nowadays by giving them more insights in

2:00 how the network performs so that we can

2:03 give them advice and thoughts

2:05 this allows us to deliver a better yet

2:08 end user experience and help them to

2:11 reach their own business drivers and

2:12 goals by simplicifying operations across

2:16 Network domains

2:18 foreign

2:20 [Music]

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