Mitch Haynes, VP Supply Chain Planning & Fulfillment, Juniper Networks

Keeping Cloud Providers Operational

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Beginning with the end in mind.

How Juniper takes into consideration the key elements across cloud provider customers when it comes to architecting a network.

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You’ll learn

  • How partnering with Juniper helps you deploy at scale

  • It’s not what you build, but how it integrates into the operational model

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Mitch Haynes Headshot
Mitch Haynes
VP Supply Chain Planning & Fulfillment, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Jason Fritch Headshot
Jason Fritch
Sr. VP of Global Sales, Cloud Segment, Juniper Networks


0:04 Jason Fritch I'm senior vice president

0:07 of global sales for Juniper Network's

0:09 Cloud segment there are a few key

0:11 elements that are common across most

0:13 cloud provider customers which are they

0:14 architect their networks to remove as

0:16 much complexity as possible so they can

0:18 scale them as quickly as possible so

0:21 they they begin with the end in mind

0:24 partnering with vendors like Juniper to

0:27 design build and and deploy scalable

0:30 networks that can be heavily automated

0:33 and easily automated so that it's not

0:35 just what you build but how it

0:36 integrates into their operational model

0:38 because uh you know one of their the

0:40 biggest advantages is the automation

0:42 that they build so that they can do more

0:44 and scale quickly with less through that

0:47 automation

0:48 the idea of supply chain constraints is

0:51 something that has always been part of

0:54 my working world but this is the first

0:55 time it's Front Page News Mitch Haynes

0:58 I'm the vice president of the supply

0:59 chain planning and fulfillment at

1:00 Juniper the role we see ourselves trying

1:03 to play is finding that true signal of

1:06 data making sure that it's consistent

1:08 and complete and transmitted across the

1:10 entire supply network it's a corporate

1:12 imperative that we have to invest and

1:15 understand and protect our supply chains

1:19 what's also evolving around the cloud

1:21 customer experience is ease of doing

1:24 business so it's not just about you know

1:26 delivering features and high scale and

1:28 high performance but how we transact and

1:30 how we deliver our own supply chain in

1:33 our portfolio in ways that our customers

1:35 can be comfortable with so that that we

1:37 can scale with them

1:38 their experience with uniform is not

1:41 just you know the technology that we

1:42 deliver but the business engagement and

1:44 the business processes that support that

1:46 to make that as easy as possible there's

1:47 probably going to be a much greater

1:49 appreciation for the sharing and the

1:52 transparency of data through the

1:54 multiple partners throughout the supply

1:56 chain and so that that's what I think is

1:58 going to be probably the biggest

1:59 takeaway

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