RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) Field Trial by Vodafone, Juniper Networks & Parallel Wireless

Still images shows a screen with the works ‘THE FUTURE OF RAN’ in the middle and logos for Juniper Networks, Vodafone and Parallel Wireless underneath.

The future of RAN

The Radio Access Network (RAN) has been a closed ecosystem for long hindering service agility and innovation. Industry bodies such as O-RAN ALLIANCE are pushing for more Openness and Intelligence in the RAN to enable dynamic radio resource allocation and optimize network-wide efficiency.

Vodafone, Juniper Networks and Parallel Wireless joined together to validate the functioning of RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) with an Admission Control use case to deliver agile resource management on an Open, Software-driven RAN network.

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You’ll learn

  • How RIC changes Open RAN

  • How Vodafone, Juniper Networks and Parallel Wireless are partnering on an Admission Control use case

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals

Guest speakers

Lucia De Miguel Headshot
Lucia De Miguel
Senior Manager of Open RAN, Digital, Software and System Development, Vodafone
Oguz Oktay Headshot
Oguz Oktay
Senior Director, Software Engineering, Juniper Networks
Elif Yirmibes Headshot
Elif Yirmibes
Open RAN Product Performance Senior Manager, Vodafone


0:00 [Music]

0:04 Vodafone has a Clear Vision that open

0:07 run should transform the networks from

0:11 Pure communication systems into open

0:13 platform for Innovation openran is now

0:16 making mobile networks more programmable

0:18 intelligent and interoperable and a new

0:21 component the ran intelligent controller

0:23 or Rick allows you to onboard

0:25 applications to deliver personalized

0:27 experiences create new revenue streams

0:29 and reduce costs

0:31 personality Sprint Vodafone is

0:33 collaborating with Juniper Networks and

0:35 parallel Wireless to validate Greek

0:38 platform with an admission control use

0:40 case to deliver a yacht Resource

0:43 Management on an open software driven

0:46 run network

0:47 admission control provides Priority

0:49 Services for any user type at any time

0:51 for example you could increase the

0:53 amount of radio resources allocated to

0:55 schools specifically at the times when

0:56 schools are open and then reallocate

0:58 them to public users when the schools

1:00 are closed or during medical emergencies

1:02 you could increase the resources

1:04 available to hospitals restoring those

1:06 resources to public users once the

1:08 situation has returned to normal Rick

1:10 admission control enables real-time

1:12 tracking and enforcement of your radio

1:13 resources the admission control

1:15 application intelligently distributes

1:17 slice-specific admission control

1:18 parameters enforcing them on the o-ran

1:21 compliant Rand Network functions to

1:23 limit the maximum pdus per slice and

1:25 maximum ues per slice

1:27 Juniper rig platform has been built with

1:30 a clear focus on open interfaces and

1:33 multi-vendor interoperability

1:35 Juniper Rick gives Network operators

1:38 such as Vodafone the ability to run a

1:41 broad variety of recapitations either

1:43 from juniper or third-party vendors

1:47 Now by coupling all Innovations with

1:51 those of parallel violence and

1:53 vodafone's operational experience

1:55 we have achieved a real world use case

1:58 that can deliver value and better user

2:02 experience with improved economics in

2:05 terms of results the Rick admission

2:07 controlled use case was able to deliver

2:10 programmable automated and granular user

2:15 traffic management

2:16 this validation enables services and

2:19 applications to be managed optimized and

2:23 mitigated automatically by the rent

2:25 built on real-time Data Insights

2:29 in conclusion we see Rick Democratic

2:32 size the run to third-party applications

2:34 this trial is a key stepping a stone to

2:38 reach Innovation and collaboration Now

2:41 by working together we will be able to

2:44 build a smarter networks better user

2:47 experiences and drive a stronger

2:50 sustainability measures for business to

2:53 business usage cases this is the future

2:57 of run

2:59 [Music]

3:01 [Applause]

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