Julian Manche, Head of Finance & Information Technology, RSPCA New South Wales

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals New South Wales on Mist with Marvis & Switching

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Learn how the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals New South Wales (RSPCA NSW) has used Juniper Networks' EX Switches & Mist AI to help them care for and protect more animals through its shelters, veterinary hospitals, education services & investigations into alleged animal cruelty.

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You’ll learn

  • How digital transformation supports their mission

  • Why they selected Juniper

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Julian Manche
Head of Finance & Information Technology, RSPCA New South Wales


0:03 my name is Julian manchay and I work for

0:07 rspca in New South Wales and I look

0:09 after finance and I.T rspca New South

0:12 Wales is a not-for-profit organization

0:14 that cares for protects and treats

0:17 animals we we've got three veterinary

0:20 clinics in New South Wales they're

0:22 they're full hospitals they've got all

0:24 of the equipment that you would expect

0:26 so we we use the opportunity with the

0:29 new build to completely refit and

0:32 transform our Network so we did an open

0:36 tender and selected Juniper ex switches

0:40 and Mist as a solution to help our

0:43 organization in its Mission we've got a

0:45 very small it team here at rspca and we

0:49 work with our partner second to manage

0:52 the networks here so The Marvelous

0:54 portal is a game changer in terms of

0:56 ability to see what's going on and on

0:58 the network and then once we identify

1:00 what the issue is we can solve it very

1:02 quickly with our Network part in the

1:04 second we've got a three hectare so and

1:07 the Juniper Bluetooth technology allows

1:10 us to see who's on site where they are

1:12 on the site and find somebody that's

1:14 fairly easy to find them we also know

1:16 who's visiting our site so when they

1:18 arrive they can check in and we know

1:21 who's been been here I'm Jackie so I've

1:24 been a managing veterinarian here at the

1:26 rspca New South Wales Sydney Veterinary

1:29 Hospital my job is to ensure that our

1:31 daily operation runs smoothly and also

1:34 that we have a caring team before the

1:37 digital transformation happened our

1:40 Wi-Fi was often unreliable I'm making

1:42 our jobs quite difficult having a

1:44 reliable Wi-Fi allows us to look after

1:47 critical patients with our digital

1:49 upgrade we are able to communicate with

1:51 each other quite effectively it also

1:54 allows us to look after our animals well

1:56 and provide the best care that the

1:59 animal deserves

2:00 rspca New South Wales is involved in

2:03 emergency response these Technologies

2:05 enable us to coordinate our Workforce

2:06 and deploy our resources to wherever it

2:09 gets needed the digital transformation

2:11 has allowed us to directly support our

2:13 mission which is to prevent cruelty to

2:15 animals by actively promoting their care

2:18 and protection I think the other thing

2:20 is is enabling people to to think about

2:22 the future differently it's like how can

2:24 we better use these Technologies to get

2:27 better outcomes we select the Juniper

2:29 because it gave us the scope to dream

2:30 big about how we could Care for Animals

2:32 using technology and we wanted something

2:35 that would enable us and not constrain

2:37 us

2:41 thank you

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