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AI Ushers in Advanced Service Offerings and Profitability for Solution Providers

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AI: The key to better service for solution providers

In this video, Juniper Networks VP Jeff Aaron shares how Juniper AI solutions can be used to not only fix problems that come up, but also to anticipate issues and remedy them before they occur. Tune in for specific examples applicable to many solution provider businesses.

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You’ll learn

  • How The Gap was able to eliminate 80 percent of its truck rolls to stores, saving time and labor, and disruption costs

  • How Dartmouth College uses Juniper’s AI solutions to deliver superior experiences for students

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Doug Green, Publisher of Telecom Reseller
Doug Green
Publisher of Telecom Reseller

Guest speakers

Jeff Aaron
Jeff Aaron
VP at Juniper Networks


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0:11 this is Doug greenen I'm the publisher

0:13 of Telecom reseller and I'm very pleased

0:15 to have with us again Jeff Aaron who's

0:17 the vice president at Juniper Networks

0:19 Jeff thank you for joining me today oh

0:21 thanks for having me Doug

0:23 well I promise our listeners that we're

0:25 going to make this an exciting AI

0:27 podcast I know that everybody's talking

0:29 all the time about AI we're going to

0:32 talk about AI ushering in advanced

0:34 service offerings and profitability for

0:36 solution providers so I love the idea

0:39 that we were talking today about

0:40 practical AI applications for folks that

0:44 may have joined us the last time we were

0:46 talking about SD branch and the benefits

0:48 it can provide and some of the really

0:50 unique cool things that Juniper Networks

0:52 was doing doing in that area we sort of

0:55 talked a little bit about Ai and now

0:56 we're continuing our conversation so

0:59 Jeff before we get into all that what is

1:01 Juniper Networks yeah um Juniper

1:04 Networks is a as hard a networking

1:06 company but but also I think more more

1:08 recently uh we're transitioning more to

1:10 an AI company you know leveraging AI for

1:13 uh for networking or for it or

1:15 specifically for uh um uh age of and it

1:18 operations or or AI Ops

1:21 um and so we really apply that in

1:22 conjunction with you know the cloud to

1:24 really bring a whole host of benefits to

1:27 um uh other resellers or the and their

1:29 end users everything from better

1:31 automation uh lower cost savings better

1:33 insight into actual user experiences to

1:36 just better assurance that you know the

1:38 network and the service that you want to

1:40 deliver is actually the the network and

1:41 the service you are delivering in as you

1:43 said AI is is core to all of that and um

1:46 and that's why we're talking about it

1:47 today

1:48 so you know AI as we're just talking

1:50 about it's ubiquitous it's everywhere

1:52 we're talking about it all the time

1:54 um can you provide more context in how

1:56 AI is being utilized in the networking

1:59 space

2:00 yeah yeah for sure and I I think uh you

2:03 kind of touched on it a little bit it's

2:04 it's applied AI right you know yeah

2:07 obviously AI is taking over and having

2:09 huge benefits from Healthcare to you

2:12 know edu and what we're talking about

2:14 here is primarily around AI operations

2:16 right and uh you know I kind of alluded

2:18 to the the three buzzwords um uh

2:21 automation insight and Assurance because

2:23 that's really where we see AI providing

2:25 the most value right automation around

2:28 you know faster provisioning or

2:30 self-driving uh corrective uh networks

2:33 that actually fix themselves uh insight

2:36 into not just you know is the network

2:37 working but what is the actual

2:39 experience that Doug or Jeff is having

2:41 on the network right you know because

2:43 just because the Network's up doesn't

2:44 mean it's actually good

2:46 um and then lastly Assurance you know

2:48 like I said assurance that you know

2:49 you're out there delivering the network

2:51 expectations you want and that um you

2:54 know your users are getting you know the

2:56 the the services delivered to them that

2:58 that they that they need to do their

2:59 jobs so that's really where AI comes

3:01 into being

3:02 so what challenges do you do solution

3:05 providers face currently that can that

3:08 you think AI can help address

3:10 yeah I mean uh solution providers like

3:13 everyone like every it organization is

3:15 trying to do more with less right um I

3:17 don't think that's that's new and if if

3:19 anything is actually becoming more

3:20 pronounced and so being able to do

3:22 automation

3:24 um you know to to eliminate a lot of

3:26 these you know mundane or or or tactical

3:29 tasks certainly goes a long way right as

3:32 part of that it also lets them shift to

3:34 more strategic you know value value

3:35 added right you know um you know taking

3:38 the word VAR you know value add is is is

3:42 key to the to that particular you know

3:44 nomenclature and so again it's not just

3:46 about offering circuits or um you know

3:49 or even you know management constructs

3:50 again how do you add more value in terms

3:52 of better analytics

3:54 um you know better slas

3:56 um Advanced Services like location or um

3:59 you know Advanced Security Services

4:01 again AI is core to all of that and so

4:04 you know that way you know for a

4:06 solution provider it's again not only

4:08 are you approving your own operations

4:10 but how do you add more deliver more

4:11 value to your end users and AI is core

4:14 to that

4:15 so you know what is let's talk about

4:17 Juniper what is your approach in this

4:19 space yeah um so good question so um you

4:23 know taking a little bit walk down

4:24 memory lane uh you know Juniper had

4:26 acquired a company called Mist uh about

4:27 four years ago actually I I was at Miss

4:29 at the time and ostensibly that you know

4:32 people said well hey Jennifer's you know

4:34 bringing Wireless into their portfolio

4:35 but it was it was more than that

4:37 obviously you know it was bringing a

4:39 modern microservices Cloud coupled with

4:41 an AI engine right so um you know the at

4:44 that instance you know the wireless was

4:46 built from the ground up to focus on AI

4:48 driven operations right pulling in the

4:50 right data

4:51 um you know applying the right domain

4:53 expertise

4:54 um you know introducing a virtual

4:56 Network assistant that can answer

4:57 questions on par with a human that was

4:59 all part of the missed acquisition and

5:02 it started with wireless but you know

5:03 the Juniper Vision was to extend that

5:05 across the whole

5:07 um you know the whole Enterprise

5:07 portfolio so shortly after we brought

5:10 wired access into the equation with our

5:12 ex platform we added um acquired a

5:14 company called 128t and added sd-wan we

5:17 brought in some of the security elements

5:18 in fact we just launched a knack

5:19 solution last week so again the whole

5:22 Vision here is to do client to Cloud AI

5:25 driven operations so that if something

5:27 goes wrong like this call right you know

5:29 the call between me and you goes down a

5:32 solution provider can easily say

5:34 um it was the Wi-Fi it was the wired

5:36 Network it was the WAN it was this

5:39 application it was the cloud where was

5:40 the problem

5:42 um so we can go fix it or even better

5:44 you know it could predict problems like

5:46 you know certain characteristics are

5:47 happening where it looks like Doug and

5:49 Jeff's you know video call is going to

5:50 go down you know how do we self drive

5:52 around that to make sure that they don't

5:54 realize that's a problem and so that's

5:56 Jennifer's vision and that's how we've

5:58 implemented you know really building

5:59 this from the ground up leveraging a

6:01 modern Cloud bringing in a full stack

6:03 solution pulling in the right data and

6:05 and really delivering end-to-end

6:07 automation insight and insurance you

6:09 know that's what we're doing

6:10 so do you actually have ai enabled

6:13 products already in your portfolio yeah

6:15 for sure um so like we mentioned um you

6:18 know the the wireless access

6:19 um you know our access points are all

6:21 managed via the Miss cloud and missed AI

6:22 engine so I'll let you do things like

6:25 customizable service levels and event

6:27 correlation and we use our virtual

6:29 Network assistant to answer questions

6:30 like what was wrong with Doug's Wi-Fi or

6:33 why was the Wi-Fi in the conference room

6:34 not working uh since then we had our

6:37 wired access portfolio so that's our ex

6:39 family that's now managedy the cloud and

6:41 again same thing you can do sles and

6:43 event correlation and tie it together

6:44 with the wireless domain our sd-wan

6:47 portfolio is AI driven so again same

6:49 Cloud same AI engine so you can

6:51 correlate all these issues across all

6:53 these domains for for better experiences

6:55 as well as some of our security elements

6:57 like uh like we said we just introduced

6:59 a new Knack solution last week again

7:01 common Cloud common AI engines so you're

7:04 starting to see the themes there that we

7:06 want to bring everything together so you

7:07 can have all your intelligence together

7:08 for better Interactive between the

7:11 solutions but those are some of the

7:12 examples of assuming our AI driven

7:14 Solutions as well as some of our support

7:16 uh Solutions as well also leverage AI

7:18 for better troubleshooting proactive

7:20 rma's that kind of thing

7:22 so what type of end use End customer

7:25 benefits do you see integrating into a

7:27 missed Cloud solution

7:29 yeah um so you know we have two types of

7:32 customers right there's our the people

7:34 that buy our product which are mostly

7:36 The Operators or the solution providers

7:37 and for them it's all about you know how

7:39 do you lower Opex how do you avoid fat

7:41 finger errors how do you uh you know add

7:43 more value in terms of better services

7:45 to their end users right so that could

7:47 be the student that shows up on

7:49 Dartmouth campus or you know that could

7:51 be a patient that shows up at a VA

7:54 Hospital right or just you know a coder

7:56 that shows up at you know Seagate or

7:58 nvidia's campus headquarters right

8:00 um and for them it's just about is the

8:02 network reliable and is it delivering me

8:04 a good experience right um and so that

8:06 could be measured in you know less

8:07 trouble tickets like servicenow

8:09 eliminated over 90 of their trumpet

8:10 tickets to just less on-site visits to

8:13 go to go fix problems um you know

8:15 manifests itself in different ways but

8:17 ultimately it's just about is the

8:18 network more reliable is it delivering a

8:20 better experience and is it you know a

8:23 more cost effective to run and maintain

8:26 and I I see in there a few examples do

8:29 you have more

8:30 yeah um so you know another great

8:32 example is uh you know the Gap right you

8:34 know they were able to eliminate 85

8:36 percent of their truck rolls to their

8:38 stores right so you know that's a great

8:40 example of that's just a cost savings

8:42 um for them to go out and and fix things

8:44 but also if the stores go down that

8:46 means their Shoppers have a bad

8:47 experience right that means you know the

8:49 employees have a better experience the

8:50 point of sale devices don't work and

8:52 again that could be a wireless issue it

8:54 could be the Lan right uh issue as well

8:56 so the quicker you can go and identify

8:59 those problems uh the more cost savings

9:01 you can drive and ultimately the more

9:03 more um you know benefits you can

9:04 deliver so that's another great example

9:06 of a you know customer that that turned

9:09 to us

9:10 um Dartmouth you know I mentioned them

9:11 before again they wanted their students

9:13 to have a great experience whether

9:15 they're sharing Xboxes in their dorms to

9:18 whether they're walking across campus

9:20 um or you know involved in some kind of

9:22 project where they need to access you

9:24 know uh data you know halfway across the

9:26 world right

9:27 um so that's an example where again they

9:29 turn to an AI driven Network from

9:30 juniper to really solve you know a

9:33 variety of those needs so it sounds like

9:35 one of the big takeaways today is you

9:37 know AI is not just a theoretical thing

9:40 and I can sort of fool around with it

9:42 it's something I can actually go and

9:44 sell today and it solves and and adds

9:47 value today for uh for end users or

9:50 customers yeah absolutely right and and

9:53 you know again even our Solutions

9:55 providers or or or sellers in general

9:57 it's not like they're necessarily

9:59 selling the AI but they're selling the

10:01 benefits of AI

10:03 um and that's what I think you know most

10:04 end users care about is you know how

10:06 does it drive more business benefits how

10:07 does it lower cost and it's our job to

10:09 make sure that it's using Ai and using

10:11 it correctly right so our customers

10:14 don't necessarily need to know is is it

10:16 using Mutual information or Bayesian

10:17 influence or deep learning or neural

10:20 networks uh we're happy to explain it to

10:22 show you know what's using but it's more

10:24 about do they trust the results and they

10:26 get value out of it and the answer is

10:27 yes it's real it's been shipping for

10:30 several years

10:32 um and the the results and benefits are

10:34 extremely quantifiable

10:36 you know Jeff I'm so happy that we're

10:38 we're actually sort of finishing up sort

10:40 of what was AI month here and uh and our

10:43 podcast the small little podcast series

10:45 with you with what you just said because

10:47 at the end of the day it's solution

10:50 selling not really AI selling

10:53 yeah that's exactly right and and we

10:55 kind of talked about it earlier it's

10:56 it's applied AI right AI is a means to

10:59 an end it's a series of Technologies it

11:02 is a buzzword there's a lot of AI

11:04 washing out there and like we said

11:06 ultimately it's about you know do you

11:07 trust the results and are they

11:10 delivering you value

11:11 um and you know you know we pointed AI

11:14 as a way to deliver that in a

11:15 differentiated way for Juniper but yeah

11:17 ultimately it's the results that you get

11:18 out of it and I really enjoyed the you

11:21 know hearing about these examples of you

11:23 know retail of education and so on where

11:26 you know the customer the student

11:28 whoever is the user they're not really

11:30 worried hey this was AI driven there

11:32 were they're like hey this was a great

11:34 experience this really helped me for

11:37 sure

11:38 where can we learn more about Juniper

11:39 Networks yeah so obviously you know

11:41 is a great place to start

11:43 um if you're interested a little bit

11:45 more specific about Ai and AI Ops uh you

11:47 know AI Ops is a good place to

11:50 go where we talk a little bit about you

11:52 know what that means to us

11:54 um you know how you differentiate and

11:56 then you know kind of launch pads there

11:58 into specific Solutions and specific

12:00 verticals and how you leverage it so I

12:02 think that's probably a really good

12:03 place to go and uh and and uh you know

12:06 to start your journey to learn more

12:08 about it well Jeff I really want to

12:10 thank you this has been very interesting

12:12 I'm so happy to be able to provide our

12:14 listeners with very practical ideas on

12:16 how they could get going today I know

12:18 we're going to talk soon again but for

12:20 now thanks very much indeed awesome

12:22 always a pleasure Doug appreciate it

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12:31 [Applause]

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