Herman Moons, IT Manager Infrastructure, KU Leuven

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Herman Moons Headshot
Screenshot of Herman Moons, IT Manager Infrastructure, KU Leuven, talking into the camera. The Juniper logo is in the upper left corner, and his name and professional title are written in a Juniper-green box below his image.

Right this way to transformational user experiences 

Think it’s all just marketing talk? So did Herman Moons, IT manager at KU Leuven University in Belgium, until he called us up and realized the power of AI and how it could simplify his network operations. It can do the same for yours. 

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You’ll learn

  • How AI can transform IT operations and user experiences 

  • The details of a real-life use case from a customer sharing his experience 

  • How many days it took for KU Leuven’s network to get up and running with Juniper (hint: less than two weeks) 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


Herman Moons Headshot
Herman Moons
IT Manager Infrastructure, KU Leuven


0:00 [Music]

0:11 we heard a story that sounded

0:14 interesting but also sound a little bit

0:16 too good to be true

0:18 we contacted juniper

0:20 just to to to get a few access points

0:22 and then to try out stuff ourselves

0:25 [Music]

0:28 well one thing that immediately popped

0:30 out was that

0:31 we didn't need retraining so it works

0:34 very intuitively

0:37 it's not just marketing talk and

0:41 which is what we thought at the

0:42 beginning

0:44 it was really really a good experience

0:49 to have everything managed operational

0:51 and so on in

0:52 basically 10 days

0:57 [Music]

0:59 you

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