Sharon Mandell, CIO, Juniper Networks

3 Tips From a CIO on How to Approach Generative AI Tools

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3 Tips From a CIO on How to Approach Generative AI Tools

Juniper CIO, Sharon Mandell, walks us through how AI has pivoted the focus for tech leaders and provides tips on how to embrace AI tools like ChatGPT.

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  • Sharon’s advice on how technology leaders can approach AI

  • How Sharon thinks about generative AI tools

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Sharon Mandell, CIO, Juniper Networks
Sharon Mandell, CIO, Juniper Networks


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0:06 so as a CIO there's hardly a day that

0:09 goes by where I can have a conversation

0:10 that does not include the words chat gbt

0:13 generative AI or llms and it's no longer

0:16 just my technology colleagues wanting to

0:18 talk about it but

0:20 um people from all walks of life so it's

0:24 uh top of mind for our organization our

0:28 leadership team and our customers and

0:30 we're trying to learn how to embrace it

0:32 without getting too far over our skis

0:41 I say get in the water but maybe don't

0:43 dive into the deep end so understand the

0:45 technology first how is it developed how

0:48 is it evolving what are the things that

0:50 are driving the rapid pace of innovation

0:52 all of a sudden how human does it feel

0:54 how do I need to interact with it

0:57 while you're doing that tally up the

0:59 advantages that you see but also start

1:02 counting and understanding the risks

1:04 Chachi BT has the opportunity to

1:06 revolutionize the way we work make us

1:09 better at our jobs but first we need to

1:11 understand the technology

1:13 my second recommendation is to place

1:15 safe bets but ones that you can grow

1:18 into having large impact further down

1:20 the line

1:21 so as cios we know how to handle

1:23 emerging technology it's our job

1:26 we're able to set up experiments in a

1:29 way that if they don't go as a plan

1:31 there's no harm no foul we've been doing

1:33 it our entire career

1:35 so enter this with a strategic mindset

1:38 try to find some small wins that are in

1:41 less risky areas of your business but

1:44 places where you can evolve and grow

1:47 into time over time into something with

1:49 much larger impact

1:51 my third piece of Gus is let's not make

1:53 Chachi BT or llms the hammer to Every

1:56 Now chat gbt doesn't solve every problem

1:59 for example I recently heard a quote

2:02 that said if you need a deterministic or

2:04 absolutely correct answer to your

2:05 question you probably don't want to use

2:07 AI

2:08 so really understand the problem you're

2:11 trying to solve and apply the right

2:13 technology or the right type of AI to

2:16 solve the problem

2:18 keep in mind that people are your

2:20 biggest asset so as you're rolling these

2:22 Technologies out make sure they

2:24 understand how they help them do their

2:27 job and how it makes them better at

2:29 their job so that you spend less time

2:32 being fearful that the technology is

2:34 going to take their job away

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