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Sharon Mandell's Advice to New College Graduates

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The image is of Sharon Mandell, CIO, Juniper Networks, as she shares her advice to new college graduates. She is sitting and there is a desk behind her.

About to graduate? Press play now for a few words of wisdom.

When Juniper CIO Sharon Mandell graduated from college, several different technology companies made her job offers. How did she decide which one to accept? Let’s just say a professor gave her an important piece of advice that she still remembers –– and appreciates –– to this day.  

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You’ll learn

  • Why you want to always be on the leading edge of technology 

  • What matters more than money when it comes to deciding what job to take 

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Sharon Mandell Headshot
Sharon Mandell
CIO, Juniper Networks


0:03 so when I graduated from school I had a

0:06 number of job offers working

0:09 each one with different Technologies and

0:12 different salaries and I was inclined to

0:15 go with the larger more stable company

0:17 with a higher salary but and with

0:21 technology that I really enjoyed doing

0:22 in college but I had a professor my

0:25 operating systems professor at the time

0:27 who suggested that the money difference

0:30 isn't that much and that technology was

0:33 a dying technology versus the other job

0:37 which was going to be in a startup where

0:39 I would get a broader range of

0:41 experience but it was also in a then

0:43 emerging technology which was Unix

0:45 operating systems and he uh suggested

0:49 that that would be a better investment

0:51 in my career for the long term versus

0:55 um you know taking a little bit of extra

0:56 money at the beginning so I've

0:58 generalized that advice into you know be

1:01 on the Leading Edge of Technology when

1:03 you can always be investing in yourself

1:06 and your skills and that the salary and

1:09 the title and the other things usually

1:11 take care of themselves afterwards

1:18 [Music]

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