Harold Sinnott, Technology Influencer

Harold Sinnott Talks with Jai Thattil – Juniper Beyond Labs, Part 3

Harold Sinnott, Technology Influencer
Learn about the impact Juniper Beyond Labs will have on the networking industry

Juniper Beyond Labs has a future-shaping vision for sustainable networking.

How will Juniper Beyond Labs help the networking industry simplify operations and deliver a better-connected user experience, all while achieving better sustainability in the coming years? Jai Thattil, Senior Director at Juniper Networks, reveals the answers in the final installation of this series with Technology Influencer Harold Sinnott.

Learn more about Juniper Beyond Labs.

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You’ll learn

  • What the networking industry can expect from Juniper Beyond Labs in the next 2-3 years

  • How Beyond Labs will help make the industry more sustainable

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Harold Sinnott, Technology Influencer
Harold Sinnott
Technology Influencer

Guest speakers

Jai Thattil, Senior Director, Juniper Networks
Jai Thattil
Senior Director, Juniper Networks


0:01 [Music]

0:07 what can we expect to see in the future

0:10 in our first video we focus on what is

0:13 Juniper Beyond Labs why Juniper created

0:17 and why it matters to our industry in

0:20 our second video we talk about the

0:22 positive impact Beyond Labs is already

0:25 having on our industry in this video I'd

0:29 like to discuss where you're going next

0:32 with Beyond Labs so Jay what should our

0:36 industry expect to see from uni per on

0:39 labs in the next two three years I'd

0:43 start with innovative solutions in key

0:45 Focus area of AI Cloud automation um one

0:49 of the key focus of ours is harnessing

0:52 the power of AI uh to simplify the

0:54 network operations and deliver a better

0:56 connected experience also focusing on

0:58 the evolution of 5G especially prior 5G

1:01 sustainability is other one and

1:03 harnessing of the other Advanced

1:05 Technologies like Quantum

1:07 Communications one other key Focus area

1:09 is Nas or network as service we do

1:12 Envision a future where operators can

1:15 bring up an endtoend Network instantly

1:17 on demand and ramp it down when it is

1:20 not need through slicing so you can also

1:22 expect to see a growing ecosystem with

1:24 more academic technology and and

1:26 customer partners because Innovation Is

1:28 Never Done alone totally agree I

1:30 couldn't agree more with that Jay and

1:33 let's talk a little bit about

1:35 sustainability how will Juniper Beyond

1:37 Labs help our industry become more

1:41 sustainable we are fully committed to

1:43 delivering sustainable solution right so

1:45 we continue to invest in new generation

1:47 of silicon uh for example the latest

1:50 Trio chipset it is 73% more power

1:53 efficient when compared to the previous

1:55 generation the other one is the express

1:57 or PTX chips set is 49% more power

2:00 efficient so we are always continuing to

2:03 improve upon the previous generation to

2:04 deliver those efficiencies then there

2:07 are multiple initiatives in our lab

2:09 right now that are focused on reducing

2:11 overall system and Network Power how can

2:14 we turn on and off certain Paths of the

2:16 network even down to smaller components

2:18 like fans when it is not in use right um

2:22 there are other cooling techniques that

2:24 we using for dat desend liquid cooling

2:26 immersion cooling all these to minimize

2:28 the cost of cooling these Big Data

2:31 Centers what are your final thoughts or

2:34 comments you would like to share with

2:35 our audience as we close out our uh

2:39 video series on Beyond Labs now is an

2:43 exciting time for our industry um this

2:45 like new technologies like AIML Quantum

2:48 Communications Cloud native software all

2:51 enabling us to connect communicate and

2:53 Advance the state of our industry faster

2:55 than ever before however it will also be

2:58 a time of disruption and and of leaders

3:00 and lards right and we definitely want

3:02 to lead our investment in beond Labs is

3:05 focused on enabling this greater

3:07 Innovation for our industry as I was

3:09 mentioning Innovation cannot be done

3:11 alone it requires collaboration and

3:13 ecosystem so we need the industry to

3:15 come with us um so get involved check

3:18 out our pathf finding projects and

3:20 subscribe to stay up to date with beond

3:22 Labs awesome uh thank you so very much

3:24 for your time and for this series J I

3:28 think there is a lot to to learn more

3:30 about and we going to to check all the

3:33 the links that that we'll be sharing

3:35 this video yeah it's been a pleasure har

3:38 thank you very much my pleasure

3:40 [Music]

3:43 [Applause]

3:44 [Music]

3:49 [Applause]

3:53 too

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