Harold Sinnott, Technology Influencer

Harold Sinnott Talks with Jai Thattil – Juniper Beyond Labs, Part 2

Harold Sinnott, Technology Influencer
Learn about the impact Juniper Beyond Labs will have on the networking industry

Juniper Beyond Labs has big plans for sustainable networking innovation.

AI, 5G, and sustainability are just a few of the networking innovation paths Juniper Beyond Labs is focusing on. See how Juniper plans to shake up the networking market in this interview with Jai Thattil, Senior Director at Juniper Networks.

Learn more about Juniper Beyond Labs.

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You’ll learn

  • Specific ways Juniper Beyond Labs is innovating experience-first networking

  • How Beyond Labs will contribute to the networking industry

  • About the pathfinding projects Beyond Labs has in development right now

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Technology Influencer
Harold Sinnott
Technology Influencer

Guest speakers

Jai Thattil, Senior Director, Juniper Networks
Jai Thattil
Senior Director, Juniper Networks



0:00 [Music]

0:07 in our first video we explore what is

0:10 uniper beyond Labs why Juniper has

0:13 created and how it works in this video

0:17 we will focus on the impact uniper

0:20 Beyond Labs will have on our industry y

Juniper Beyond Labs

0:24 just to continue with our discussion

0:26 about Juniper Beyond Labs what will be

0:29 the focus of the young labs and

0:32 Innovation our core objective within

0:34 Juniper is to deliver experience first

0:37 networking not just for our customers

0:39 but also for the end users or the

0:41 customers customers so whatever we do

0:44 within beond Labs we also be focused on

0:46 this and as we set off with juniper

0:48 Beyond Labs we will explore a broad

0:51 canvas of evolving areas whether it's

0:53 within it data centers air automation 5G

0:57 6G along with some of the emerging areas

0:59 like Quantum communication so basically

1:01 we would do whatever that is aligned to

1:04 our strategy and wherever there is a

1:05 possibility for us to lead or drive

1:08 thought leadership how will Beyond Labs

How will Beyond Labs contribute to networking industry

1:10 contribute to the networking

1:14 industry we are we are actually already

1:16 contributing through various customer

1:18 and partner engagements right some of

1:20 the projects I mentioned in the previous

1:21 one but uh what we are doing with rut

1:23 and and indel to deliver this

1:25 virtualized site routing with better

1:28 efficiencies if you take the other

1:29 example award- winning and Industry

1:31 leading ran intelligent controller

1:33 solutions that are being Tri by the

1:35 likes of WaterOne and turkey Telecom and

1:37 several other tier ones and we are also

1:39 disrupting the market through a

1:41 collaboration with Rutan um Symphony and

1:43 their Sim World platform right and in

1:45 the areas of quantum Communications this

1:47 is another key Focus area for us we have

1:49 been working with the likes of DT ID

1:52 Quantic um Euro fiber to securely

1:55 distribute Quantum keys to enhance data

1:58 security so these are some of the ways

2:00 we are contributing to the industry

Pathfinding projects

2:01 already it sounds like that absolutely

2:04 what other pathfinding projects do you

2:07 have in

2:09 development uh there's a huge focus on

2:12 AI or artificial intelligence and you

2:14 can see all the recent hype around chat

2:16 GPT and generative AI um so we are

2:19 exploring how we can harness the power

2:21 of AI to deliver andn Assurance U then

2:25 private 5G is another area where we are

2:27 looking at leveraging our leading Wi-Fi

2:30 portfolio to bring in the converged

2:32 Wi-Fi and wireless solution together uh

2:35 then there are also several

2:36 sustainability initiatives to help

2:38 customers accelerate their path towards

2:41 delivering what we call sustainable

2:43 Network and services to their customers

2:45 that's absolutely uh promising I would

2:49 say in terms of all the developments and

2:51 all the Pathfinders that you are

2:52 mentioning thank you very much for this

2:54 game yeah and and there's more to come

2:56 right and we are still cooking several

2:58 things in our lab for for our customers

3:02 thanks

3:04 [Music]

3:15 pleasure

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