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Harold Sinnott Talks with Jai Thattil – Juniper Beyond Labs, Part 1

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Juniper Beyond Labs is poised to reshape network experience through sustainable innovation.

Digital transformation and AI advancements are accelerating at breakneck speed, making it more important than ever to keep pace. Watch Jai Thattil, Senior Director at Juniper Networks, explain how Juniper Beyond Labs is shaping the future of sustainable networking by acting as a collaborative innovation hub.

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You’ll learn

  • Specific ways Juniper Beyond Labs is improving network experience through innovation

  • How the industry can engage with and benefit from Juniper Beyond Labs

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Harold Sinnott Headshot
Harold Sinnott
Technology Influencer

Guest speakers

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Jai Thattil
Senior Director, Juniper Networks


0:01 [Music]

0:08 the use of digital technology and

0:10 artificial intelligence is completely

0:12 remaking how we communicate companies

0:15 are using these new technologies to

0:17 broaden and enhance their services with

0:19 Innovation and sustainability in mind

0:22 Juniper network has a new initiative

0:25 jiper Beyond Labs today is my pleasure

0:29 to talk about this with a key leader Jay

0:32 please tell us about yourself thanks I'm

0:36 Jay ttil senior director leading

0:38 strategic marketing initiatives for

0:40 Juniper and happy to be here talking

0:42 about our latest Innovation and just to

0:44 go straight to the point what is Juniper

0:48 Beyond Labs Juniper Beyond Labs is an

0:50 Innovation Hub with juniper focused on

0:53 improving Network experience through

0:55 Innovation engaging and collaborating

0:58 with customers partners and we do this

1:00 through providing Sustainable Solutions

1:03 for the networks uh we work with a

1:05 community of Partners to Pioneer new

1:07 research develop Innovative pathfinding

1:10 projects and drive thought leadership

1:12 within the industry and why now why is

1:16 Juniper introducing Juniper Beyond

1:20 Labs uh Juniper has a history of

1:23 innovation going back to our Inception

1:26 starting with the the development of our

1:28 first A6 and core routers uh we are also

1:31 at an inflection point where AI Quantum

1:34 Computing virtualization all are rapidly

1:38 changing the pace of business and and

1:39 shaping our industry and we also see

1:42 that a growing emphasis on

1:44 sustainability is influencing the

1:46 different customer buying decisions so

1:48 beyond Labs will enable us to have a

1:51 concerted and focused approach to

1:53 address these disruptions and accelerate

1:56 Network

1:56 Innovations um this will also help us

1:59 keep Pace with customer requirements and

2:01 drive the industry narrative on some of

2:04 the Cutting Edge technologies that I

2:05 mentioned earlier sounds great and how

2:08 will the industry interact or engage

2:11 with Beyond Labs um they can do in a

2:14 couple of ways first is for our

2:17 customers and partners to collaborate

2:19 with us on what we call these Innovation

2:21 and pathf finding initiatives uh we

2:23 already doing this with Intel ID Quan

2:27 Quantum exchange and and academic

2:29 Partners like Purdue and Stanford

2:32 secondly the customers can come and

2:34 experience our pathfinding projects

2:36 through proof of concept Demos in our

2:38 ebcs or executive business centers or

2:41 trade shows or industry events and they

2:44 also can evaluate more mature

2:46 pathfinding projects in our Labs or

2:49 deploy our Solutions in field trials

2:52 some of the examples we did a project or

2:55 a trial with WaterOne on ran intelligent

2:57 controller um we uh did another one with

3:00 Euro fiber on Quantum key distribution

3:03 and we are also disrupting with Rutan

3:05 Symphony and our R Solutions on their

3:07 symol platform sounds great and I think

3:10 we have a lot of U things to learn more

3:13 about Juniper Beyond

3:16 [Music]

3:25 labs

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