Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks 

In the Lab with Juniper Networks CEO Rami Rahim: 400G PTX10008

Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks, standing next to shelves with computer monitors and hardware parts, gesturing while talking in a video to someone offscreen about Juniper router capabilities.

Demonstrating the remarkable capabilities of this high-performance router

Go inside the Juniper Networks Sunnyvale lab with CEO Rami Rahim as he gets a firsthand look at the “next-gen, super-awesome” 400G PTX10008 packet transport router.

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You’ll learn

  • The number of terabytes the system can handle per second (hint: it’s a lot)

  • Why the PTX10008 is essential for running mission-critical traffic

  • How you can turn on encryption without sacrificing performance

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals


Rami Rahim
CEO, Juniper Networks