Shreeram Siddhaye, Senior Director, HW Engineering

Introducing the PTX10002-36QDD Packet Transport Router

400G & 800GData Center
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Introducing the PTX10002-36QDD Packet Transport Router

The PTX10002-36QDD is a high-capacity, space- and power-optimized routing platform. Leveraging an impressive 28.8 Tbps throughput capacity in a ultra-compact 2U fixed form factor, this class-leading platform, driven by the Juniper Express 5 ASIC, delivers dense 100GbE/400GbE/800GbE connectivity for highly scalable routing use cases for provider and enterprise WAN and data center networks.

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You’ll learn

  • How the PTX10002-36QDD can be used for a wide range of use cases

  • How it enables 36 ports of 800GE or 72 ports of 400GE

  • How it leverages the Express 5 silicon to deliver 28.8 Tbps forwarding capacity

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


Shreeram Siddhaye Headshot
Shreeram Siddhaye
Senior Director, HW Engineering
Srinivas Seshadri Headshot
Srinivas Seshadri
Director, SW Engineering


0:00 there are many reasons PTX 10 K2 is our

0:03 best PTX to date this is the first 800

0:06 GB ethernet router from juniper giving

0:09 you the industry's highest density 400

0:11 gig ports in a compact form factor we

0:14 picked a simple yet robust Hardware

0:16 design enabled by Juniper's own Express

0:19 5 the largest radic deep buffer

0:22 networking chip in the world today it

0:24 has been exciting times to lead 800 gig

0:26 space this product ships with yunos VA

0:30 our modern networking OS which now

0:32 supports many of the world's largest

0:33 networks this PTX will be featured

0:36 complete on day one for wide range of

0:38 use cases and it's not just 800 gig the

0:42 value lies in 2x 400 gig options

0:45 including dual CS dual muo or dual LC

0:49 connectors without having to change

0:51 existing infrastructure this is as close

0:54 as you can get to discrete 400 gig

0:56 interfaces and of course we also support

0:59 all the low speeds down to 10 gig

1:01 including Optics there are two reasons

1:04 we just didn't put in discrete 400 gig

1:06 ports first we need double density

1:09 connector to deliver 30 wats of power to

1:11 the module that's why we have 36 ports

1:14 with eight lenses second our minimal

1:17 design means no other circuit between

1:20 our A6 and Optics no timing chip or Maxx

1:23 chip or gear boxes or fabric chip

1:26 signals flow cleanly from Chip to optic

1:28 saving Power by 75% from the previous

1:32 generation in addition to Optimal

1:34 Hardware design we also have a mature

1:36 software stack that's because we took

1:39 full advantage of design Simplicity look

1:42 we understand not everyone needs 28.8

1:44 terab of capacity so we enabled a low

1:47 power mode offering 36 bar 400 G we also

1:51 included many power saving features with

1:53 30 wat of power per Port 800 gig Z is

1:57 ready to go uniper is heavily involved

1:59 in standardization of 400 gig Z with

2:02 open seus standard for management We are

2:05 following the same approach for 800 gig

2:07 Z and our Express 5 silicon introduces

2:10 new features and expanded scale to the

2:12 PTX product line for the first time we

2:15 can offer 8 million Road scale on PTX

2:19 and that Express 5 silicon soles the

2:21 high scale multicast delivery problem

2:23 with B we are also setting a new

2:26 standard for srv6 support srv6 te micro

2:30 sits Services protection you name it

2:33 it's all in here then IP fix where AC

2:36 completely offloads CPU for packet

2:38 sampling sampled packets don't even go

2:41 to the CPU so it can do more meaningful

2:43 work such as bgp route updates or part

2:46 competition and for the first time we

2:48 have hierarchical cost on PTX offering

2:51 three levels of scheduling and traffic

2:53 shaping with flexible filters we now

2:56 have the capability to select any bit of

2:59 the first one gabes of any packet and

3:02 apply filters on it this drastically

3:05 improves our dos protection as well as

3:07 giving us Advanced thread detection and

3:10 prevention also we will offer class he

3:13 timing interestingly we just took this

3:15 device to EC interop 2024 and pass class

3:19 D timing test as well we truly believe

3:22 we hit the sweet spot with this device

3:24 whether you are looking for

3:25 uncompromised Ultra Long Haul deep

3:28 buffer router or true 800 gig capability

3:32 or industry-leading scale performance

3:34 and security features this ptx1 K2 gives

3:38 you everything you need in a convenient

3:40 power and cost efficient package the

3:43 system is orderable now with minimum

3:45 capacity of 7.2 terabits with pay ASU

3:48 grow model if you would like to learn

3:50 more please check out our Juniper Tech

3:53 blogs for more in-depth details on our

3:55 PTX Express 5 based 800 gig Solutions

3:59 features use cases and more

4:04 [Music]

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