Justin Melloni, ‪Product Marketing Manager Staff, Juniper Networks

EP. 3 AI for IT: Integrating Systems to Reduce Network Silos

AI For IT Wins 2023
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Screenshot from the video showing headshots of Aaron Gutin, Product Category Director, Networking & Security, Savant, and Sunalini Sankhavaram, Senior Director, Product Management, Juniper Networks, and the words “AI for ITTM Wins: Juniper Mist Wireless Loves Integrations”

Integration made easy with Juniper Networks Mist AI

Do you know how easy integration is with Juniper Mist AI? Watch as experts from Juniper and Savant demonstrate how Juniper Mist AI enables seamless integrations, makes Wi-Fi network management effortless, and enhances the user experience.

Ready to take the next step to enhance your network while cutting costs? Check out our live demo to see how Juniper Mist AI can help you enhance user experiences, improve productivity, and increase scalability. By signing up, you could qualify for a free AP and trial of Mist!

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You’ll learn

  • How the Juniper Mist AI platform and the MSP dashboard work, as well as how Mist AI integrations work

  • How Savant has used integrations with Mist AI to build an innovative platform

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Network Professionals


Justin Melloni Headshot
Justin Melloni
Product Marketing Manager Staff, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

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Aaron Gutin
Product Category Director, Networking and Security, Savant
Sunalini Sankhavaram Headshot
Sunalini Sankhavaram
Senior Director, Product Management, Juniper Networks


0:07 so hello everybody my name is Justin Maloney I will be your host today for today's webinar which is Juniper Mist AI

0:14 loves Integrations so in this in this webinar today we're going to go over how you can integrate with the Mist AI

0:20 platform and some really cool things that can be done with it we will then have a couple demos to show it off uh I

0:27 won't do the talking this time no we have our expert here we have sunin saram our senior director of product

0:33 management at Juniper Miss systems and then uh she will go over um Juniper and

0:40 she'll show off the Mist platform the MSP dashboard and a bunch of cool things that you can connect into and how our

0:45 Integrations work and then Aon Gin from Savant systems will come in and show how

0:51 he has used those Integrations in order to uh build a really cool platform at

0:56 Savant um so that's our agenda for today first we'll cover Juniper myth then we'll look at Savant and then we'll open

1:02 up the floor for some Q&A so that we can really get into the integration and find the questions and answer the questions

1:08 that you want to know about um so without further Ado I'd like to hand everything over tosini sunin thank you

1:14 for joining us today thank you so much Justin I'm super

1:19 excited um with what we're going to share with the folks on the line today

1:25 and again we want to keep the session extremely interactive by word of the word

1:30 integration that you saw in the webinar integration is all about interactions between the platforms and the workflow

1:36 application that make it even more relevant so super excited to be here today happy Tuesday good morning good

1:42 afternoon wherever you are joining from let's get into what m is doing and how it's changing the world day by day and

1:48 on top of that what Aon is doing with the saan platform changing the world hour by hour not just day by day so with

1:56 that let's get into what we are here to talk about our Vision as Juniper mist is

2:02 all about being the leader in an aid driven and secure Cloud

2:07 networking solution we are all about user experiences whether the user is an

2:15 end user that is running a team or zoom's app or an application running in the data center whether the user is an

2:22 actual application in the data center and we're moving workloads around between servers or whether the user is

2:28 you and me on our on our Wi-Fi devices but going art packet going through the entire end to endend view from your

2:35 landan network over your van network over to the SP core Network so from a

2:40 juniper perspective the the North Pole for us rather the North Star for us is

2:46 all about delivering an AI driven secure Cloud Network solution the industry that

2:51 is again focusing on the experience the experience of the end user the experience of the application the

2:58 experience of of whatever service you're running from jiper and what that means

3:03 for us it's experience from every aspect whether it's all about the ordering of a

3:08 service whether it's about deploying the service whether it's about operating that service because what as you have

3:14 seen AR key Mantra is up is not always good just because your LED on your

3:20 access points are blinking and your network availability is 100% doesn't necessarily mean that the end user on

3:28 that network is having having the best experience but for us that is what we focus on what we focus on maniacally

3:36 with the investment that we make in data science is that we are able to measure

3:42 the experience of the end user the kpi of the network is no longer the network

3:48 SLA it's not about the network being available all the time the kpi of the

3:53 network is is the network delivering to the end users expectation and that's why

3:59 it's not about up being good it's about is the user expectation being met is the

4:05 network delivering to that expectation that's the new kpi and end of the day

4:11 all of this has to be secure which is what we deliver with our connected security stack as part of our

4:18 Enterprise Network as part of our data center Network even as part of of our core service provider

4:25 Network now taking a little bit of a deeper dive into the AI driven

4:31 Enterprise portfolio I spoke a lot about experience first networking and how that shows up in the whether how you order

4:39 how you deploy how you operate and how you secure the entire stack but just

4:44 feel the onion a little bit right when we talk about user experiences and you're hearing about that a lot in the

4:50 industry I mean every other vendor since you know Juniper missed back in 2019 is

4:56 now talking about Ai and user experience the only only difference is we've been

5:01 doing it others are talking about it right now how why do I say with so much conviction we've been doing it because

5:08 for us when we began our journey in the aops world for networking delivering the

5:14 network for the next decade for our customers it was again focused on

5:20 measuring the end user experience and that means when you're measuring an end

5:25 experience there are a million points of failure it could be the client could be the wireless network the wired Network

5:31 the van Network a lossy link a flapping Port your DHCP your radius your DNS your

5:39 circuit even your application so many points of failure and what do you end up doing typically as a network operator be

5:45 it an Enterprise customer operating their own network or be it a a service

5:51 provider who's providing managed solutions to their customers you're pulling Telemetry from everything you

5:58 can possibly get your hand handson trying to see what state changed what config happened what exness factor

6:04 happened that impacted the problem but in doing that you're spending days and

6:10 days and weeks and weeks trying to figure out what's the problem and that for us became the goal of how do I

6:17 deliver a solution to the industry where I can measure the Ender experience

6:23 literally end to end from client to Cloud but also tell you if 's experience

6:30 is not the most optimal why is that so is it a client is it the wireless

6:36 network is it the wired network is it the circuit is it the app is it the ISP

6:42 I tell you beforehand before even that first ticket comes in that is what end

6:48 user experience is all about measuring quantifying and optimizing the actual

6:54 end user on the network and even you all as it operators how do we make your

7:00 lives Easier by Marvis doing all the heavy lifting for you so welcome to the

7:05 world of Marvis Marvis is our virtual Network assistant it is the aops engine

7:11 that sits and monitors your end to Telemetry for you and by leveraging the Marvis virtual

7:18 Network assistant conversation interface you're able to proactively take action on issues

7:25 impacting end users or even reactively ask Marvis hey troubl shootter location trouble shoot an AP trouble shoot more

7:31 importantly a user or an application so the focus always is on the end user

7:38 experience where we are monitoring the Telemetry end to end we are creating State machines in the cloud for every

7:44 user session and telling you exactly what the user experience is and therefore what the kpi is of the network

7:51 but even beyond that how can we root cause proactively the issues impacting

7:58 the end user this is truly a new era this is a paradigm shift in the industry where the industry so far has been all

8:04 about managing boxes and slas but now we are moving the needle towards managing

8:09 the user experience from client to Cloud versus just managing the SLA of a network it's all about what users expect

8:18 today when they deploy a network service the network should be invisible all that

8:23 matters is the user expectation being better or not now how do we deliver on that promise we deliver on that promise

8:29 by giving you all a full stack access network with secure on boarding with our

8:35 latest access Assurance framework as a cloud native AI driven solution from a

8:43 full stack Network perspective I'm referring to having a very comprehensive

8:49 indoor outdoor Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6C access point portfolio with location

8:56 services built into that access point we are the only vendor in the market that

9:01 delivers a directional Bluetooth antenna array in our high performance APS so

9:07 that for customers who are looking to leverage indoor location services for asset visibility for mobile engagement

9:14 way finding for operational efficiencies they do not have to deploy yet another overlay Network it's part of that same

9:22 platform on the wired side whether it's your branch Access Network or your very

9:27 complex campus Network that wex plan we have even simplified that with what we do with a wi short solution over the ex

9:35 and qfx series from a van perspective the most exciting and so far the most

9:40 complex piece of the puzzle that is where the the excitement happens e either the wireless part of the side of

9:46 the network or your van because these are the things that you don't control right you you're on an internet link

9:52 you're deploying as D van how do you know the user experience will be the best well we will tell you and not only

9:58 we will be tell tell you whether it's the best experience of delivering but if it's not the best why is it so is it the

10:03 application issue is it a network issue or is it just a lossy link no more guess

10:09 work the network has been demystified with juniper M AI right with the end to

10:15 end workflow for wireless wide and van with our Assurance services and Marvis

10:21 giving you proactive self-driving actions on delivering the best user

10:26 experience possible now what does that mean a lot of tech

10:32 speak here but what does that really translate to for you all as Network operators or network consumers end of

10:39 the day what you get is highly granular client level

10:47 visibility if the new kpi of the network is not just network uptime but the

10:53 client service level expectation of the network that automatically leads to the

10:59 Juniper Mist AI platform giving you visibility for every wired Wireless user

11:07 and how their pre- connection experiences and how their postc connection experiences that goes hand inand with

11:14 our ability to to offer AI driven support with Marvis you literally have a

11:20 self-service solution available to you and Aaron will talk to you about how he's Levering this in the saan platform

11:26 about troubleshooting your issues or Mar tell you proactively what the issue is

11:31 all of this is possible because of the third pillar it's the microsources cloud

11:36 that gives us agility to make Christmas come every two weeks every two weeks we

11:43 are delivering new capabilities to our customer whether it's a whole new offering like a knack offering we

11:48 announced earlier this year or whether it's more capabilities around Marvis

11:54 becoming more intelligent with the zoom integration the team integration we've done recently or even the ability to

11:59 ingest cradle Point none of those have to wait for a year twoyear cycle every two weeks you'll see Jenifer Mist coming

12:06 out with new capabilities to again deliver the best end user experience and

12:12 the best it experience and wrap that around with our capabilities to also offer digital engagement as part of the

12:19 location services you truly have the best branch and campus Network out there

12:24 but what makes it even better is the fact that all of of this is based on

12:31 100% API Foundation this is what enabled us to

12:37 deliver even more business outcomes for our customers via our partners right

12:44 what you will see as a demo from Aon in the next few minutes will blow your mind

12:50 as to what he has built on top of the M AI platform to truly deliver an endtoend

12:56 automation for our customers all the way from ordering billing consumption and

13:02 servicing phenomenal but again it all comes down from the C letter acronym called API and that is what Aron is

13:09 using to the hilt to again that best user experience possible so not only do

13:16 we deliver the the the industry's best full stack Access Network for branch and

13:23 campus for wireless wide and Van it delivers unique location capabilities it is all based on 100% standards API based

13:31 framework that allows for Integrations with platform as what you will see from Aaron delivering end of the day immense

13:39 business value not only reducing the overall TCO from a network deployment

13:45 Network operation perspective but delivering the best end user experience possible on the network and even

13:52 delivering more value added services with some of the location capabilities the access Assurance capabilities we are

13:57 driving for our customers with that I'll go into a quick de demo of the mplatform

14:05 and then hand it over to Aaron to talk to you about how he's leveraged our solution and delivered an even more

14:12 phenomenal uh platform on top of it so sharing again and again folks any

14:18 questions please feel free to bring them up in the chat window so what you're seeing here now is

14:25 what we call our MSP dashboard right this is for our partners who manage

14:31 customer networks day and day out so what you're seeing here is the basic view of what's deployed across all their

14:38 customers for every tenant Again full stack so how many access points how many switches how many routers from an SD van

14:46 wired and wireless perspective and what's in use what's not in use you're able to see subscriptions for all your

14:51 tenants you're able to see when subscriptions expired you're able to move subscriptions between your customer

14:57 deployments based on usage left but what makes this even more phenomenal is again

15:02 how you are now able to offer your end customers if you are a partner managing

15:08 that customer network not just the network SLA but again a network based on

15:17 service level expectations the new kpi of the network now is how is my network

15:22 doing from a wireless wired and Van perspective is it meeting my end user

15:29 expectation or not and if it's not meeting my end user expectation why is it not meeting that end user expectation

15:34 so right at a glance what you can see from a from a network operator perspective is across all my tenants on

15:40 this MSP demo this location is having a problem overall W is okay my van's okay

15:46 as well but hey guess what wir is having a problem all right click of a button what is the wir problem hey 12% of my

15:55 user minutes they are not able to connect to the network ones who connect are happy and healthy that says all

16:02 right within the Click Click of a button I know I'm having a wired problem that wired problem is around

16:08 pre-authentication and now I can go into my wired SLE and say yep there is a

16:13 pre-authentication problem and it's predominantly because of authentication issues and hey look and only do I know

16:21 what which is it impacting or what Vance I also know from an end to-end perspective what clients are probably

16:28 getting impacted because of this issue that again is the power of machine learning that is the power of what we

16:35 have done with the IOP stack in giving our customers and our partners managing

16:41 networks a very easy platform that does the heavy lifting for you that tells you

16:47 exactly what the problem is and how to solve the problem but enough about that let me now hand off to Aaron to say how

16:53 has he put this platforms and taken it to a platform Plus+ putting it on

16:59 steroids and delivering an even more awesome solution with Savant and with

17:04 that Aon over to you thank you so much thank you sonini um and I want to thank

17:09 everyone at Savant that worked uh on this project I'm just the Formula 1 racing car driver who gets to drive the

17:15 really cool thing on Sundays but I worked with a whole team of people um

17:20 and we we worked hard to bring this out uh that'll be the last time I do that but it's important to uh share the glory

17:28 um so so if you don't know who we are uh real quick you know Savant systems is a

17:34 leader in home automation we were the first completely IP based platform when

17:40 we launched in 2005 and we have always leveraged the network and it e standards

17:47 to create an automation experience for our customers and you know this includes

17:52 home Cinema and whole house stereo and all kinds of fun things but also some

17:57 security ele elements cameras nvrs and many of the same um experiences we expect to manage well in

18:05 the Enterprise our homeowners where ultimately this product is landing expect that as well um and we really

18:12 touch almost every aspect of someone's home of course they don't need to have all of this but as a platform we have

18:20 over 10,000 different languages we've had to speak in order to start integrating AV

18:28 products with your lighting and your shading and your smart power solution and as such the network has truly been

18:35 the the digital Foundation the platform on which our customers ultimately a

18:41 small business designing and selling and installing all of this gear in someone's home it's their main foundation for the

18:51 experience they're selling their customer as well and so when we began looking for a premium partner uh we we

18:58 discovered Miss Ai and Juniper and really fell in love for a lot of reasons

19:04 we we automation system nerds at heart and so we really grapped on to the

19:11 opportunity to have a direct Cloud to Cloud integration with our own cloud we

19:16 maintain our own cloud for our customer our dealer to talk to their own projects

19:22 very similar to the MSP view that we just looked at and what we've done is we've taken the m platform and like we

19:29 do with all of our premium Partners we really treat the product as if we manufactured it ourselves and you can

19:37 see we're always uh not sharing the glory right so this is all about the partnership of our platform and the

19:43 power of the Juniper Miss platform and for us uh we're a large support organization we have thousands of

19:50 integrators around the world and and thousands and thousands of customers that we support the three key elements

19:56 this platform presents not just to us but to your business as well is you know actionable information AI can mean a lot

20:04 of things but I I really talk about it as actionable information which is what the Miss platform gives us quick easy

20:12 you should start your troubleshoot here we want to reduce our support cases of course uh and we ultimately want our

20:20 customer the end user in their lovely home on Sunday afternoon cheering for their favorite football team we want

20:26 them to have a great experience at home too and that's why the Juniper platform made the most sense to us so what we've

20:32 done is we've taken the awesome fast nearly complete I would say like

20:39 99.999% complete API and we've really integrated the whole deployment flow and

20:46 the first stage of monitoring these plat these systems in the field right into our cloud and so I'm going to show you a

20:52 quick video here on an iPhone you've caught up to me maybe I've already purchased subscriptions which we sell

20:58 our customer inside our Cloud they buy those subscriptions just in time as they need them and so we were going to catch

21:05 up to me I've already purchased some subscriptions and maybe I I need to add this ap40 ap12 uh to the conference room

21:12 here I'm just going to literally scan that QR code of course it's a little sensitive to angle sometimes and name it

21:19 and move on very similar to The Experience you've had from the Mist Installer app but for our dealer it was

21:25 really important that we kept them inside their Savant toolkit and we

21:30 didn't want them to have to wander out until maybe they were troubleshooting something at a deeper level um and so

21:36 with that I just want to show a a live integration here with our Cloud which we all should

21:43 be seeing now so we're looking at my Savant host uh and and of course I've

21:48 called it guten Manor because it's a tiny home but I'm a Batman nerd and that sounds better than house um and besides

21:56 giving our customers some information about the main processor of their Savant system you'll notice a strong number two

22:03 is the Smart networking card with some very familiar scores so we know that our

22:09 customer is going to get very familiar looking at these seven numbers and understanding where or what their issue

22:16 may be or that there isn't a Wi-Fi issue that's obvious um I just want to show

22:21 when I release that button on today our cloud is in real time re requesting

22:28 today's stats from the Mist Cloud for my site and returning that back we don't

22:35 know these numbers until we ask for them and I want to give a shout out to

22:42 everyone at Juniper Mist the cloud they have built is first class it is

22:47 incredibly fast and responsive and when it comes to networking it's really important that we get our customer

22:54 information as quickly as possible and so we wanted to create a scenario with

23:00 this product line that really merged into our dealers business and we're a

23:05 construction adjacent space and so you know our guys are constantly in new construction homes um we wanted them to

23:13 be able to buy a subscription in real time and so on a new job they're just going to see a subscribe button they're

23:20 going to come in and purchase an annualized subscription for us that includes Wireless assurance and the

23:26 Marvis virtual Network consistent for every single site a savant customer uh

23:32 purchases and up top the Pebbles show you a very familiar flow we would

23:37 purchase subscriptions we would then claim devices and we'd start making our wireless networks today we offer the

23:44 wireless solution next year we'll be adding routing and switching and so we'll be going even further with this um

23:51 there's a lot of features actually cooked into the Mist portal in the UI that um Carry right over to to the API

23:58 in fact all of them do including templating so when our customer goes to create a wireless network we wanted to

24:04 make sure that they could benefit from the efficiencies that the team at missed and Juniper took a lot of care in

24:11 integrating into the cloud here so our customer cont templatized those standard

24:16 Wi-Fi networks they deploy maybe a guest Network a customer Network and an automation system Network for the

24:23 wireless extension of that land and with some simple uh you know standard names

24:28 they can save these and recall them right after they claim their first AP

24:34 therefore as they claim more APS to the site these standard ssids are applied you know for us like Juniper it's

24:41 important that a a non-it professional be able to install these access points

24:47 that's going to help our customer manage the cost of delivering a project and their everyday labor costs and so the

24:54 combination of the scanning of a QR code code right from their phone inside our

25:00 Cloud uh and making wireless networks has really proven to be a very uh well-received

25:06 experience I'll show just a few more things you know we've gone all the way to recreating a wireless network card

25:14 we've actually discovered some features in the Juniper platform that benefit us so our customer lives with this awesome

25:20 handheld remote control but it's a Wi-Fi device and we all know Wi-Fi can be battery draining um you might notice

25:27 this SSID here shows three vlans with multiple passwords uh you

25:34 know we've not found a vendor that has implemented multiple psk with client isolation but it actually turns out by

25:41 shielding smart locks in our remote from everything else on the land we get a 200

25:46 plus perc Improvement in overall battery life so here's an example sudini of us

25:52 using the API to reinforce best practices with our customer customer

25:58 simply by leveraging a feature set that's already built into the to the McLoud we've also reduced the number of

26:05 checkboxes and things our customer would need to do to execute this they're really just checking a box and telling

26:11 us you know uh at least these two passphrases and of course I have vlans so I've tagged these by VLAN which is

26:19 another really powerful unique feature that we've only seen in this platform um

26:26 you know radio bonding uh is all your channel bonding is all here uh and all

26:31 the way down to us really paying attention to not messing up the very cool very wellth thought out visual uh

26:39 goey that the M team developed and so this should look pretty familiar with you I don't have the fancy diagonal

26:46 lines for when we might not get any data so excuse the breaks that's just no data

26:51 um but we wanted our customer you know I as the product lead I really wanted our customer who is running a small business

26:59 to you know have her four-year-old crying in her ear in line at Chipotle and her best customer in her

27:05 other ear and still be able to look at this uh dashboard and begin a

27:11 troubleshoot process and so um what I can also show if I just get out of full screen is you know we've made this

27:17 reactive and so this does size down for a phone and show those same graphs um

27:23 and really uh so that the familiar nature or or as our customer developed some familiarity with the Mist Cloud

27:29 they're also very familiar with how we are communicating that information and

27:35 so whether it's you know quick and easy deployment with three access points or a

27:40 sprawling property with 90 different access points indoor and out across the

27:45 whole Space uh this tool set that we've built is entirely powered by the McLoud

27:52 and by the Mist API you know we're integration nerds of course and so we

27:57 really reveled in the chance to do something like this on the it side what

28:02 I find um important to say is that our support team internally at Savant is

28:09 also benefiting from this being on some of our largest projects and that we can

28:16 validate now the network is good there isn't an issue with Wi-Fi it's something

28:21 else or there's something misconfigured and I can share a great story recently first project someone was doing for um

28:29 an affluent person who happens to be also a juniper investor and so is very keen on having the product in their home

28:36 the house manager because that's what you have in larger spaces called the integrator after the first sort of 48

28:42 hours and said hey everything inside's great but when I go outside I'm on Wi-Fi

28:47 I can't I can't get into the security system I don't see my cameras what's going on integrator was new to the

28:54 platform and reached out to us we were able to tell them in seconds that five ports were missing vlans and it turned

29:01 out that those five ports happened to be supporting outdoor access points and the VLAN that was missing was the VLAN the

29:07 house manager should have been on this is the kind of issue that would have taken moments minutes days or weeks

29:16 depending on how you walked into it to discover especially if there were you

29:21 know 10,000 ports on the job there weren't here um but that was a marvous action that just showed up right away uh

29:29 here and was able to just tell us hey there's five actions and they were all missing vlans um and that was probably

29:37 the the quickest and easiest troubleshoot I've ever had with a network um in 30 minutes they had that

29:43 resolved and everything was fine um you kind of can't do that anywhere else in

29:49 our experience so everything you're seeing here from uh the realtime request

29:54 of the data feeding these graphs uh to you know me enabling or disabling an

30:01 SSID I don't have any guests here at the house so I usually leave it disabled until it's time to turn it on and that's

30:07 a live back and forth between our cloud and the McLoud turning that on and

30:13 getting confirmation or turning it off and getting confirmation so um you know

30:18 there is really no better more reliable API that we have worked with on the

30:24 networking side of our business um this is the first time we have integrated this kind of infrastructure directly

30:32 into our Cloud um and I don't know why we didn't do it sooner we're we're as a

30:37 company really uh reveling in this and enjoying how passionate our customers

30:44 have become about this platform um and you know I would encourage you don't be

30:50 uh discouraged by the user interface you see here feel like there's a big undertaking here there's a lot of people

30:55 that worked on this to get here that API is there for you even if you're just moving information into a text form

31:03 so that you can easily communicate with a group of people you know the overall health of a network um most importantly

31:11 talini showed that MSP View and you know we use that all the time we have you know thousands of accounts that have

31:16 access to this platform and we're supporting uh those jobs occasionally usually Marvis has got it but

31:22 occasionally we're diving in um one of the most uh trans formative experiences

31:28 I've seen with our dealer base who are largely not it professionals is that you

31:34 know we all know that we need a few more access points for Wi-Fi 6 and 6E rather than Wi-Fi 5 or before in previous times

31:44 a controller could have told us a little bit about that problem but maybe wouldn't have help helped us localize

31:49 that issue I've actually heard back from our customers that they have been under

31:55 selling APS for a while and they just didn't know it and that the data from

32:00 their Mis deployments actually taught them that they were short changing their customers a little bit um and so lastly

32:08 uh from the MSP view sunin showed you that overall score and this is something I obsess about so I for the first time

32:15 our company knows of all the projects we've deployed with juniper we have like a

32:21 94.2 SL overall Wireless SLE across all of our deployments

32:27 we have never been able to quantify or qualify the resulting experience in a

32:33 customer's house because we're selling product to a third party who's then installing it and and configuring it

32:39 elsewhere so this gives us uh you know more x-ray vision you know we can peer right into that Network and as we Round

32:46 the Corner into full stack that's our goal our goal is to be able to assist our customer with our product simply by

32:53 reaching out to that land with permission of course uh and and help helping them live on the spot all of us

32:59 have experienced the service call that requires a return trip and the AA and time required to get that scheduled and

33:06 the support person scheduled this really compresses that whole process down to just a few

33:13 moments awesome well thank you Ain thank you sonini um we have a little time for a couple questions um but that

33:21 presentation was awesome and I loved you know I've seen the Miss dashboard before

33:26 um the way you guys integrated it into Savant dashboard is just so cool you brought out like some of the best pieces

33:33 and you guys really kind of um enhance the ux there right because it really is

33:38 about user experience whether it's the network operator or whether it's the your customers on the network so that's

33:44 that's really cool thank you um couple questions that we had the first one um and this one can go to either of you

33:50 it's a what are some of the benefits of integrating with mist

33:55 AI uh so so for us the benefit was that we could streamline the experience of

34:02 deploying a more sophisticated Network solution for a dealer that maybe doesn't

34:08 have a trained IT professional on staff um and bring them relevant information

34:14 that helps them deliver the best experience um we didn't see a point of

34:20 hiding that information from the integrator we thought it best to actually bring that right into the

34:25 actual job or what Mist would call a site in their uh in their uh their Cloud

34:32 thank you brain uh because customers no matter how nice they are they don't

34:38 always tell us the exact truth they'll say things like my phone always does this or all week I've had this issue the

34:47 benefit of integrating is that you can actually see the individual devices experience every moment it's been

34:54 connected for the last s days and so if there was an issue like my coworker

35:00 yesterday I was able to tell them yeah your remote disconnected because there was a DHCP issue turned out his router

35:07 was out of IP addresses and he needed to expand the pool but the the inbound was

35:13 why doesn't my ex connect to Wi-Fi or work on Wi-Fi the benefit is this is

35:19 straight up a baloney detector of the highest

35:24 magnitude yeah now that's that's that's a very good point

35:31 um um the next question is probably more for you seini um what are some other

35:37 examples of successful Integrations fantastic question so again because we're API based we have enabled

35:45 multiple Network efficiency operations Integrations as well as Lum business

35:50 Integrations with our location services and analytics on the network front if you're a service now um shop right if

35:57 you're using service now for provisioning for billing rpis integrate directly into service now for all the

36:03 ticketing for cmdb for even if you go to service now Play Store you'll see a service uh a service now jiper miss

36:10 provisioning app so you can create sit just like Aon was showing you from the saan platform create sites create orgs

36:16 and get data the exact same workflow can also be done out of the service now platform using our the same apis where

36:23 we have Integrations already available for you on the service now play store for those of you using Splunk and do

36:29 using Splunk for the Telemetry and the monitoring integrate our web hooks directly into Splunk you can start

36:35 seeing the DAT to Telemetry pop up there as well for those of you using logic monitor IP fabric you know you name a

36:41 vendor any any solution out there supporting apis from a day zero day one day two perspective and from Day Zero I

36:48 mean the the creation of sites the activation of your your order all the

36:54 way from Hardware to subscriptions the ability to to configure uh templates for your wireless

37:00 network your wired Network your van Network and then the most important of it all the day2 aspect of it this is

37:06 where the rubber hits the road because you deploy your network you know one week one month three months depending on

37:12 scale of deployment but then for the remaining two years three years five years seven years of your seven years of

37:17 the network what you're living with day in day out is the operational aspect and that's exactly where with our apis with

37:23 our web hooks with Marvis actions with apis where Harvest becomes your literally your team member in your

37:29 team's Channel U you're now able to get all the benefits of making sure that the

37:35 Ender experience is always the most optimal so a lot of Integrations out there again feel free to go to miss.com

37:42 ecosystem and you will see exactly some of the outcomes we're driving with our ecosystem

37:49 Partners all right um how does this solution compare to

37:54 maroi great question I was ask typing up the answer uh as well yes

38:01 so let's talk about miraki right miraki came out back in 2005 um and for those of you who don't

38:08 know the founders of mist suaa CEO of mist and Bob Friday the CTO of Mobility

38:13 at Cisco founder of uh airspace at Cisco bot way back when in in 2005 or actually

38:18 2003 2004 by Cisco they actually led the acquisition of maraki when they were at

38:24 Cisco and they led the acquisition of M while they were at Cisco because they were looking to enable a system an

38:31 architecture a solution that could measure user experiences and not just do

38:37 slas for Network up Network down when they peel the onion what they saw was

38:44 that miraki because of the fact that was born in early in the cloud era it wasn't

38:51 truly microservices so it was still giving you a network SLA it was great in

38:57 the in the sense of what it did for day zero day one right the ztp the plug-in cap capabilities that it brought to the

39:02 table but when it come came down to day two it really didn't quite serve the needs because it was not able to measure

39:10 Ender experiences and that's not just because the software couldn't do it it's because of the underlying framework the

39:16 underlying architecture itself is not horizontally and vertically scalable and that's what led to mist being founded

39:23 that's what led to jiper actually acquiring Mist so we because we started with a blank sheet of paper with the

39:29 right architecture are able to essentially like I said get Telemetry

39:34 for every end user wired or wireless pre- connection postc connection create a state machine in the cloud so we know

39:42 exactly when the user experience is not optimal and more importantly tell you

39:48 exactly why it's not optimal and how we can fix it either we'll fix it for you as then marf will go into do the needful

39:54 as part of a self-driving Network or like in your driver assist mode for your self-driving car it'll tell you hey like

40:02 like Aon talked about hey there's a missing Wheeland or there's a coverage problem or a capacity problem or there's

40:08 a port flapping or there's a DHCP problem how many times have you seen

40:13 when a client's trying to connect the initial Association is great it's able to connect pass traffic but when the DP

40:20 renew happens suddenly the client stuck it's not sending traffic how do you solve that problem Oh you go look at the

40:26 D CP logs you go first figure out hey Wireless is a problem get logs from from your wireless controllers your APS with

40:33 the Juniper missed AI solution all that Telemetry all that correlation is done for you and Mar will tell you hey you

40:40 have a DP problem because either your DCP is not responding or you have a Rog DCP in your network or guess what your

40:47 DP pool is out of IP addresses right no more guess work no more looking at Raw logs just go to the Juniper Miss AI

40:54 platform ask Marvis you have the answer and that is how Jenifer m beats maraki

41:01 every day day in day out with that focus on simplifying dayto operations by

41:06 delivering the best Ender experience possible and um Ryan in our audience

41:11 also brought up that M AI keeps more packet capture data cached in case there are issues than moroi

41:18 does um okay we do have another question um Erin your case study is that a US

41:23 case study uh you know we are in Pilot with a a couple of our uk-based uh Partners but

41:31 currently we're offering this in the United States and Canada um and our case study is on the Juniper site um but if

41:39 you're somewhere in the world and you want to work with us we're probably distributed

41:44 there awesome um and then umini do you

41:49 know of any other International Integrations that are going on as well oh yes I mean we have Partners across

41:56 the the the globe whether you take our tier one SP such as you know NT Verizon AT&T Verizon

42:02 NTT uh DT WaterOne recently announced integration as as well um in Europe or

42:08 if you look at our our tier two partners like aians a McCoy Telecom we have

42:14 Partners customers across the globe leveraging our solution and integrating our solution into their

42:20 platforms awesome thank you um and I I see you're working on this answer as well but what about our comparon into

42:27 Aruba fantastic question I was waiting for that to come up so Aruba Central you

42:33 know a a Cloud solution that was born after miraki uh they are trying to get

42:38 on the Journey of microservices because that is what enables you need that underlying architecture to be able to do

42:44 through aops the only sad part is they're talking about it they're not

42:50 already doing it right if you've seen our our webinars we've done previously on how we deliver AI for it and how we

42:57 deliver AI Ops it's not just about having AI Ops as a architecture right we

43:04 use unsupervised machine learning for location services we use deep learning reinforcement learning for RM we use

43:11 lstm B infer inference for a lot of our service level expectation Frameworks we

43:17 use the latest one that we've uh leveraged is the shapley model for

43:23 predicting application experiences for you user if you have not seen what we've done with zoom and teams please do uh

43:31 check us out on YouTube we have quite a few videos out there that talk about our Integrations we did a Mobility field day

43:38 uh webinar as well earlier this year but that is where we're able to do two

43:43 things with the shly mod integration and thirdparty data ingestion with zoom in teams again going back to client to

43:49 cloud and their experience we're able to tell you with our aiops framework with

43:55 the the Baseline we do leveraging machine learning and the anomal direction hey if your Zoom call is bad

44:01 which users are impacted first of all you can actually ask Marvis give me bad Zoom call bad team calls but also tell

44:08 you why is it is it bad is it because of Wi-Fi wired van if it's on Wi-Fi why is

44:14 it is it a slow roam a bad roam a client problem is it not enough capacity in the

44:19 air or is it that somebody was pushing a process on my machine that led to my CPU

44:25 being higher on my laptop and therefore my zoom call was bad all of those now again demystified with juniper Mist AI

44:32 because with the shapley model we're able to give you a correlation of all the network features as well as the

44:38 direct Cloud to Cloud integration of continuous user experience learning

44:45 label data from zoom and teams apply our shapley model to it and tell you exactly

44:50 what the end user experience is for a zoom call for a teams call per user and

44:56 again if it's not optimal what is the root cause it could be the device it could be a process on the device it

45:02 could be the circuit it could be the network it could be the application itself no longer do you have to worry

45:08 about it you know the answer because Marvis tells you the answer so long answer to a simple question that's how

45:15 we're different from Aruba Central as well it's all about the focus on iops more importantly it's all about using

45:22 AIML to deliver the best end user experience possible with with the AIML

45:27 toolkit the data Science Focus we have as part of our stack awesome and then it looks like we

45:32 have one more um it caught my attention that a router ran out of IP addresses and could not fulfill DHCP requests

45:39 question is was this a hybrid solution with non-smart routers that could have reported such flaw ahead of time or was

45:44 this a Miss in diagnosing the event so in the great question um in the case of

45:52 let's say you plug in a juder missed Wi-Fi into a WI Network where we getting DHCP from a third party uh Network

45:59 entity in that case I'll tell you if my client is an IP address but the network traffic is blackold is it a missing vand

46:06 problem or it's a DP server problem or hey the DP server is just stuck right

46:11 but if you do have my network where where a juniper Miss router serving UD

46:16 DHCP or even in some cases I have customers using our ex serving DCP we will then be able to tell you if the DP

46:23 pool is out of IP addresses so answer is yes on both fronts but Rogue DHCP or DHCP no

46:30 response on the third party framework whereas yes it's actually the pool that's exhausted on uh the use cases

46:37 where we are the DP pool provider that was actually the first thing Marvis told me about my network when I added Wi-Fi

46:43 to my house three years ago um and it wasn't a smart uh router it was you know

46:50 sort of an off-the-shelf SMB router but I it I guess my VLAN had had been near

46:56 or out of IP addresses for a minute and all of a sudden Marvis told me I had

47:02 like 60 hcp Knack errors in a row and wouldn't you know it when I checked the pool I was out of addresses so the power

47:09 here is that that worked on a not Juniper thing right it was not a juniper router at all was not a juniper switch

47:16 yet it was just Juniper Wi-Fi the fact that this platform has been trained to

47:22 identify the behavior of a wireless client when that is the issue that's

47:27 super powerful crazy powerful yeah Aon and that was at your house you said you have you must have a lot of devices

47:34 connected on Smart Home nerds always do uh so you know we can have uh you know

47:41 our showroom in New York City I think we have over 250 things on the Wi-Fi

47:46 network so you know between lighting and other things it can add up for sure

47:51 awesome all right well aarin and sonini thank you so much for your time this presentation was great it really you

47:58 know shows off the benefits of the Juniper Miss AI plus integrating it with your own platforms and Aaron that was

48:05 such a great uh use case that you showed us with how Sant systems has done it for everyone that is watching we do uh if

48:12 you guys want to try this out for yourself we do have the opportunity to um get your own access points right you

48:18 can try our missed Wi-Fi for free just scan the QR code that you see on the screen I've kept it up here so that you

48:24 can look at it and get get to try out this whole environment yourself um before I leave Aon andini do either of

48:30 you have any last words that you want to say I just want to say thank you all for your time today and I hope you try out

48:37 jiper M uh AI if you haven't already and try out even more importantly the apis to enable the are the possible Adan go

48:44 ahead uh thanks for having me and and thanks to everyone at Savon who who worked on this project you know go team

48:51 appreciate the time awesome thank you guys and thanks everybody for watching

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