Juniper SONiC Implementation

Juniper SONiC implementations enable high-performance, end-to-end deployments at scale, including spine and WAN core.

The disaggregated SONiC operating system offers cloud providers the ability to implement best-of-breed technology with a single OS for reduced operational costs and automated resiliency. It delivers greater flexibility to implement both vendor-supported and open-source applications to meet your cloud-scale business needs.

Juniper’s SONiC implementation combines the power of our hardware and routing technology with the flexibility, resiliency, and cost savings of SONiC’s open and disaggregated architecture. Juniper switching platforms with SONiC can plug seamlessly into a cloud provider’s unified SONiC network infrastructure.

You can also easily integrate Juniper’s deployment-hardened routing stack into SONiC, whether running on Juniper hardware or not, using container technology.

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How Juniper can help

We meet your cloud-scale networking requirements with a single operating system that runs everywhere, simplifying operations and lowering costs. The Juniper SONiC OS delivers the flexibility you need with support for both open-source and vendor-supported applications.


Unified OS

Simplifies operations with reduced training and operational costs. Provides a single OS across the cloud data center on dedicated switches and routers as well as on servers performing switching and routing functionality. Eliminates duplication and reduces failures with a unified structure for easy control of all network hardware.


Open architecture

Open, disaggregated, containerized architecture enables increased business flexibility with the ability to implement new features more quickly without having to wait for a large software release. Easy implementation and upgrades through a hitless upgrade process. Open source and vendor-developed components align with business and technical requirements.


Industry-leading routing technology

Juniper’s containerized routing engine easily plugs into SONiC as a containerized solution to provide trusted, feature-rich routing across your infrastructure, regardless of the hardware platform SONiC is running on. Industry-first disaggregated routing stack extends operational efficiency with a high-quality, scalable, high-performance routing solution.

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Juniper switching and routing support

Best-of-breed switching platforms in a unified infrastructure run the SONiC OS for simplified operations. Specific QFX switches and PTX routers are currently supported.