Network Edge Services

The MS-MPC line card on the MX Universal Routing Platforms provides improved scaling and high performance for network edge services. It offers network addressing capabilities to provide carriergrade NAT and IPv6 transition technologies. The MS-MPC features network monitoring applications that enable fault isolation, troubleshooting, capacity planning, SLA validation, analysis, and reporting. Its service control applications automate the creation of highly customized services with policy-based traffic treatment and steering per subscriber and per application. Firewall functionality enables network operators to securely scale services and eliminate threats at the network edge with industry-leading scale and performance.

Key Features

  • IPv4/IPv6 address pool management and conservation 
  • Network flow monitoring at interface and sub-interface level
  • IETF RFC 4445 MDI monitoring on ingress
  • Traffic classification based on application awareness
  • Traffic classification based on subscriber policy
  • Stateful packet filtering and inspection of IPv4/IPv6 traffic
  • Layer 3 VPN traffic encryption (RFC 2403, 2404, 2405, and 2410)

Features + Benefits

Junos Address Aware

Junos Address Aware helps operators conserve and extend the IPv4 address pool and ensures IPv4 and IPv6 coexistence and a seamless transition to IPv6.

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Junos Traffic Vision

Junos Traffic Vision provides flow monitoring data for the MX Universal Routing Platforms in industry-standard formats.

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Junos Video Focus

Junos Video Focus provides standards-based video monitoring for MX Universal Routing Platforms.

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Junos Application Aware

Junos Application Aware enables automated application-specific custom service delivery.

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Junos Subscriber Aware

Junos Subscriber Aware permits the automated creation of differentiated services based on subscriber identity.

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Junos Network Secure

A stateful firewall application for MX Universal Routing Platforms that protects network infrastructure and services and underpins revenue-generating managed services.

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Junos VPN Site Secure

Junos VPN Site Secure provides IPsec encryption using AES, DES, and 3DES that ensures security across untrusted access links and transport networks.

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Beeline automates its network to help customers improve workforce agility

Consultants, freelancers, independent contractors, and other non-employees are a vital part of the global workforce. Beeline, a leader in extended workforce management software, helps companies acquire this type of talent and improve visibility and controls over their contingent workers.

An agile, automated, and threat-aware network from Juniper supports Beeline’s AI-powered SaaS platform and its global business operations as more companies and people seek flexible work.

Beeline Image