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Service Overview

Indoor location services provide a huge opportunity to engage with employees, guests, and customers while optimizing resources to save time and money. Widespread adoption of these services has been limited by physical beacons and costly site surveys. When deploying location services, organizations should follow best practices and leverage industry-leading wireless access points (WAPs), while ensuring that the WAPs are deployed in areas that are best suited for the environment. 


Service Description

Based on discussions with each customer about requirements and needs, Juniper helps guide, design, implement, and educate for the use case implementation of Juniper® Location Service, driven by Mist AI. Juniper will implement wayfinding, proximity messaging with virtual beacons, or asset visibility, depending on customer requirements. Customers will gain real-time wayfinding, real-time proximity notifications and alerts, total programmability with software development kits (SDKs), and network insights. Juniper will use best practices for mounting the APs, paying attention to AP heights, line of sight, AP distance from other APs, and AP coverage range. The Juniper consultant will create the AP placement design per supported use case, add virtual beacons to simulate AP placement and virtual beacon placement and coverage ranges, and validate the design as per customer needs. This service is customizable and can include the purchase of more deliverables based on requirements. 


Table 1. Juniper Wireless Location Service Features and Benefits
ComponentsDescriptionFeatures and Benefits
Discovery WorkshopDuring this workshop Juniper will review the high-level architecture, including deployment of APs and vBLEs. The consultation will produce a Requirement Recommendation (RR) document that includes a detailed description of recommended deployments.Ensures optimal deployment of Juniper Wireless Access Points and vBLEs through recommendations provided by the Juniper consultant.
Design and Architectural ReviewBased on the details described in the RR document, Juniper will review the proposed design with the customer, describing the architecture and Juniper's best practices for AP deployment.Provides a detailed analysis of the proposed design and architecture, allowing customer to make informed decisions that accelerate usage and adoption of the location services.
Configuration CreationBased on the RR document, Juniper consultants will produce configurations that reflect a full understanding of the solution and its supported features.Makes sure proposed configurations are aligned with Juniper best practices and customer requirements.
Knowledge Transfer WorkshopJuniper will transfer detailed knowledge of the solution and its usage in the network to internal team.Provides training and expertise on how to use and navigate Juniper Location Service, driven by Mist AI.


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Ordering Information

To order the Juniper Wireless Location Service, driven by Mist AI, or for additional information, please contact your Juniper Account Manager.



The scope of this service is for enabling and deploying Juniper Location Service only and does not include separately sold assessment, design, or migration services. If you require additional services from your Juniper Professional Services consultant, please contact your Juniper Account Manager.


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