Introducing the Future-Ready Programmable Photonic Layer

Discover the new industry threshold for open and programmable transport.

Discover the new threshold for open, programmable transport.
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The need to reduce costs and accelerate network innovation are evergreen imperatives for your business. Juniper’s groundbreaking Programmable Photonic Layer can help you do both.

Based on software innovation, the Programmable Photonic Layer combines openness, programmability, and disaggregation of the optical transport layer to give you a modern packet-optical transport solution.

By centralizing and disaggregating optical control from the underlying line system network elements, it optimizes photonic layer control with far greater service continuity and flexibility than any other solution can offer.

The Programmable Photonic Layer uses a microservices-based design to make it easier for you to deploy and scale network services and applications—whether they come from your company, from Juniper, or from third parties.

Easy, standards-based integration between our proNX Optical Director and NorthStar Controller give you outstanding visibility and coordination across layers. And that not only simplifies your operations, it also lowers your costs through improved bandwidth efficiency from the photonic layer to Layer 3.

Accelerate innovation, without the constraints of vendor lock-in.
For businesses like yours, the future is about driving growth and profitability from the cloud, 5G, the Internet of Things, multi-gig broadband, and a universe of critical applications. With our open, programmable line system, Juniper helps you move faster toward next-generation transport networks.

Enjoy new freedom to easily and cost-effectively accelerate transport network innovation—on your own terms.

How we put it together
  • proNX Optical Director

    With a microservices-based architecture, the proNX Optical Director open, extensible optical network management and control platform integrates into NorthStar Controller for multilayer visibility.

  • TCX1000

    An integral part of Juniper’s Programmable Photonic Layer, TCX1000 Programmable ROADM is a colorless, directionless, flex-grid ready, 20-port open ROADM that scales to 25.6 Tbps per line.

  • Packet Optical Solution

    Open, programmable packet-optical technology solutions designed to help you grow your business.