Nipa Cloud accelerates digital transformation for Thailand’s enterprises

Post-pandemic recovery has spurred digital adoption in Thailand, with businesses prioritizing innovation and shifting to the cloud to engage with customers and sustain a productive workforce. Thailand’s spending on cloud infrastructure is forecast to outpace global adoption.

Nipa Cloud is well positioned to help its business customers scale up their digital capabilities. The cloud provider relies on a flexible Juniper network fabric to meet growing demand for infrastructure services, IoT, and 5G.


Company Nipa Cloud
Industry Cloud Provider
Products used MX10003MX204QFX5120
Region APAC
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Growth in cloud infrastructure in 2022 projected for Thailand (Gartner)


Cloud data centers connected by 100-Gbps flexible IP fabric


SLA (Service Level Agreement) for enterprise public cloud


Best Service Enterprise, Prime Minister’s Export Award


Create a local cloud that meets global standards

“We are disrupting cloud computing in Thailand,” says Dr. Abhisak Chulya, founder and CEO of Nipa Cloud.

Nipa’s cloud solutions are rapidly gaining momentum, especially as Thailand’s economy builds out a strong IT infrastructure to accelerate economic growth and prosperity as part of the government’s Thailand 4.0 economic development initiative.

Nipa’s advanced solutions measure up to those of global cloud providers while offering the flexibility and attention of a local provider. 

Nipa Cloud Challenge

Thailand’s first full-service OpenStack cloud provider

A flexible IP fabric is at the heart of Nipa Cloud, enabling the delivery of high throughput, scalability, performance, and security.

“Having a Juniper network gives us flexibility and performance that helps Nipa compete with the global cloud providers,” says Dr. Chulya. “We can extend private cloud to the edge. We’re well positioned for the coming 5G and Industrial IoT transformation.”

A 100-Gbps backbone connects Nipa’s cloud data centers in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Si Racha.

“With Juniper, we can build an enterprise public cloud with 99.99% reliability,” he says.

Based on OpenStack, the Nipa Cloud Platform uses the Juniper MX10003 and MX204 Universal Routing Platforms in the network backbone. Juniper QFX5210 Switches comprise the data center fabric. Using EVPN/VXLAN, Nipa can deploy a common set of services across its data centers, with support for Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs.

Nipa Cloud Solution

Thailand’s digital economy is rapidly transforming

From micropayments and healthcare to entertainment and food delivery, Thai businesses are investing in innovative ways to serve their customers through digital channels and creating a sustainable remote work culture for their employees.

Businesses both large and small can take advantage of Nipa’s cloud services, including data analytics and edge computing, with the support and attention of a local business partner.

“Nipa Cloud competes with global cloud providers, but we also have advantages as a local provider and open source technology to help lower cost of cloud,” says Dr. Chulya. “Because we are located in Thailand, we provide local support as well as high-performance, low-latency bandwidth and pay-as-you-go-pricing.”

With Juniper as its network foundation, Nipa is well positioned to continuously advance its cloud solutions with multiple availability zones (AZs), uniquely built for Thailand’s fast-developing enterprises and rapidly transforming digital ecosystem. 

Nipa Cloud Outcome
Dr. Abhisak Chulya, Founder and CEO, Nipa Cloud
“Thailand is in the midst of a massive digital transformation, with consumers and enterprises alike accelerating their transition to the cloud. As our nation drives towards Thailand 4.0, it is key that infrastructure providers like Nipa Cloud adapt and transform to stay ahead of the pack. Through our partnership with Juniper Networks, we can introduce new infrastructure-as-a-service capabilities. This will offer our customers and partners access to agile, cost-effective, and secure services that will help drive sustainable growth in Thailand’s digital economy.”
Dr. Abhisak Chulya Founder and CEO, Nipa Cloud
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Published January 2022