PayNet cashes in on exceptional, AI-driven digital office experience

In Malaysia, where buying food at a roadside stall can be as simple as scanning a QR code from a phone, PayNet is likely behind this cashless convenience. As a fintech innovator, PayNet operates Malaysia’s payment network and central infrastructure for financial markets, including bill payment, check clearing, inter-bank transfers, and a shared ATM network.

PayNet sees a future where going cashless could deliver transformative economic benefit for Malaysia, increasing the production of goods and services, worker productivity, wage growth, and new jobs. The company refreshed its sleek, modern headquarters and operations center in Kuala Lumpur with AI-driven networking from Juniper to provide its 500 staff with a better in-office digital experience that could help it meet its goals.


Company Payments Network Malaysia (PayNet)
Industry Financial Services
Products used AP32AP43EX4650EX3400Wireless (Wi-Fi) AssuranceWired Assurance
Region APAC
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Staff rely on AI-driven networking in the office


Network-related trouble tickets with AI-driven operations


Network engineers to do more with automation

MYR $1 trillion

In consumer, business, and financial market transactions processed in 2022


Rethink the office for hybrid work

As PayNet transitioned to hybrid work after post-pandemic movement controls were lifted, it reimagined its headquarters and operations center to be a more collaborative and flexible workplace. That included providing an excellent digital experience.

Finding and fixing problems with the aging wireless network, however, was time-consuming and increasingly distracting the IT team from strategic work.

“We realized that our campus network was unable to keep up with employees’ digital expectations,” says Preman Padmanabhan, head of networks at PayNet. “Staff relied heavily on video as they collaborated as teams and with customers, and the complaints about poor quality Wi-Fi were rising.”

The company wanted a future-proof network with the latest technology, including Wi-Fi 6 and a campus fabric. “We also wanted a cloud-managed network that incorporated AI-based insights into the user experience and to support troubleshooting,” says Padmanabhan.

PayNet Challenge

A smarter, self-driving network

Juniper’s campus network solution stood out during PayNet’s evaluation. “We really liked the Juniper Mist AI features and Marvis, Juniper’s conversational AI assistant,” says Padmanabhan. “Plus, a Juniper network was simple to deploy, and we can manage it ourselves.”

PayNet now uses the AI-driven network solution at its head office and operations center. Juniper access points and switches work in conjunction with the Juniper Mist cloud architecture, driven by Mist AI, to continuously optimize connectivity for user laptops, printers, smart TVs, security cameras, and other devices. Guest Wi-Fi has been transformed from a painstaking manual activity to a secure, automated process.

The campus fabric, based on a VXLAN overlay and EVPN control plane, provides a simple, efficient way to grow and manage the enterprise network. “Designing and building the campus fabric using the Mist UI was so much simpler than using a CLI to configure individual core and access switches,” Padmanabhan says.

AI-powered, cloud-managed operations have changed the IT team’s day-to-day experience and eliminated hours of troubleshooting. Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance and Wired Assurance cloud services automate and streamline network operations. Juniper Marvis Virtual Network Assistant acts as a virtual member of the team, offering insights and prescriptive actions as it constantly learns about the changing network environment.

PayNet Solution

Keep the focus on innovation

PayNet staff now have a better digital experience in the office, so they can stay focused on mobile payment innovation and maintaining the reliability, security, and scalability of the country’s critical financial infrastructure.

“Our network-related helpdesk requests have dropped tremendously since deploying Juniper,” says Padmanabhan. “With the insights that Mist AI brings, the IT team can easily identify the root cause of a user’s problem, whether it is the network itself or an issue with authentication, DNS, or something else, without leaving our desks.”

The network helps PayNet’s experienced network engineers resolve problems faster, according to Padmanabhan. It has also helped PayNet achieve its objective to develop young tech talent.

“We recently hired a fresh graduate, and he was able to easily use the Mist AI and analytics to learn how to manage the network much faster than someone could master a command line interface,” Padmanabhan says.

Paynet Outcome
“A Juniper Mist network is a paradigm shift. If a user has a connectivity issue, we can see what’s happening in the Juniper Mist dashboard and fix it quickly.”
Preman Padmanabhan Head of Networks, PayNet
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