New Access Control Curriculum And Certification

To support the growing customer adoption of Junos Pulse, Juniper Education Services is pleased to announce an update to our Access Control training and certification offerings based on the Junos Pulse solution.

The Junos Pulse solution provides dynamic SSL VPN connectivity, network access control (NAC), security, and application acceleration through a simplified user experience. The new training courses and certifications will focus on deployment, implementation, and configuration of the Access Control component.

New Courses

The new training courses include both instructor-led and web-based training. Our three-day Junos Pulse Access Control (JPAC) instructor-led course focuses on the use of Junos Pulse for access control. Our new Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite (PMSS) web-based training covers the configuration and management of the Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite.

As a result of the new courses, the existing Configuring Unified Access Control (CUAC) course will no longer be offered.

New Certification

A key component of the new Access Control offerings is a Specialist-level certification offered through the Juniper Networks Certification Program.

Note: This certification does not have a preceding Associate-level certification. The knowledge and skills required to pass this exam are comparable to other Specialist-level credentials available through the Juniper Networks Certification Program. For specific details on recommended preparation for this exam, consult the complete JNCIS-AC exam description.

The new certification credential replaces the existing Juniper Networks Certified Associate-Access Control (JNCIA-AC) certification. This credential EOLs 30 days after the release of the new certification. Please note that once earned, a JNCIA-AC credential is valid for a period of two years.

Specific course and certification availability and EOL details are as follows:

New Access Control OfferingsAvailabilityReplacingEOL

New Course! Junos Pulse Access Control (JPAC)


Configuring Unified Access Control (CUAC)

March 16, 2012

The above course leads to the certification below

New Certification! Juniper Networks Certified Specialist - Junos Pulse Access Control (JNCIS-AC)

March 16, 2012

Juniper Networks Certified Associate - Access Control (JNCIA-AC)

April 13, 2012

New Course! Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite (PMSS)




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