Mist AI Wired, Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI-Wired)

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The Mist AI track enables you to demonstrate a thorough understanding of general Mist AI features and functionality. JNCIS-MistAI-Wired, a specialist-level certification in this track, is designed for wired LAN networking professionals with intermediate knowledge of wired networking using the Mist AI. The written exam for the certification verifies your intermediate understanding of wired networking and Mist AI technology, features, and functionality.

This track contains three certifications:

  • JNCIA-MistAI: Mist AI, Associate. For details, see JNCIA-MistAI.
  • JNCIS-MistAI-Wireless: Mist AI Wireless, Specialist. For details, see JNCIS-MistAI-Wireless.
  • JNCIS-MistAI-Wired: Mist AI Wired, Specialist. For details, see the sections below.

Exam Preparation

We recommend the following resources to help you prepare for your exam. However, these resources aren't required, and using them doesn't guarantee you'll pass the exam.

Exam Resources

Additional Preparation

Exam Objectives

Here’s a high-level view of the skillset required to successfully complete the JNCIS-MistAI-Wired certification exam.

Exam Objective


Wired Assurance Fundamentals

Identify the concepts or functionality of Wired Assurance fundamentals.

  • Solutions
  • Supported devices
  • Features and components
  • MistAI accounts
  • Subscriptions

Wired Assurance Provisioning or Deployment

Identify the concepts of the provisioning or deploying wired assurance.

  • Provisioning process
  • Provisioning options
  • Deployment options
  • Configuration options
  • Templates
  • Supported architectures
  • Site variables


Describe how to provision or deploy wired assurance.

Wired Assurance Management or Operations

Identify the concepts or functionality of wired assurance management or operations.

  • Managing switches
  • Port profiles
  • Dynamic port configuration
  • Service level expectations
  • Client insights
  • APIs


Describe how to manage or operate devices using MistAI wired assurance.

Campus Fabric Architecture

Identify the concepts of Campus Fabric Architectures

  • EVPN multihoming
  • Campus Fabric Core-Distribution
  • Campus Fabric IP Clos
  • GPB and Micro segmentation
  • CRB versus ERB
  • Scaling requirements


Describe how to deploy Campus Fabric Architectures.


Identify the concepts or functionality of VXLAN

  • Layer 2 tunneling
  • Data and control plane operations
  • VTEP functions
  • VXLAN gateways


Identify the concepts or functionality of EVPN

  • Multipath
  • Route types
  • Ethernet Segment Identifiers
  • Route distinguishers
  • Route targets
  • Policies
  • Data and control plane operations
  • MAC learning

Exam Details

Exam questions are derived from the recommended training and the exam resources listed above. Pass/fail status is available immediately after taking the exam. The exam is only provided in English.

Exam Code


Prerequisite Certification

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Exam Length

90 minutes

Exam Type

65 multiple-choice questions


Juniper certifications are valid for three years. For more information, see Recertification.