Introducing Wi-Fi 6E with Juniper

AI & MLOperations

Increase channel widths and capacity

Juniper’s focus is on optimizing network operator and user experiences through AI for Wi-Fi 6E; automating and boosting performance with two new Wi-Fi 6E (6 GHz) access points (APs).  The Juniper AP45 Access Point Series and AP34 bring the performance and patented technology to 6 GHz for enterprises that need increased channel widths and capacity. Juniper’s AI solutions for Wi-Fi 6E help support improved operator and user experiences with secure client-to-cloud automation, insights, and AI-driven actions.

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You’ll learn

  • Juniper’s AI solutions for Wi-Fi 6E

  • Benefits of the Juniper AP45 and AP34 Access Point Series

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 [Music]

0:03 get all the connectivity of Wi-Fi six

0:06 and six gigahertz with extra channels

0:09 extra bandwidth

0:11 and extra performance

0:14 the Juniper Mist access point for Wi-Fi

0:17 6E have arrived

0:19 the AP 45 series and ap34 deliver

0:23 reliable high-performing Wi-Fi

0:26 functioning as a network location and

0:29 security sensor the aps offer

0:32 performance and unprecedented levels to

0:34 support multiple devices and

0:36 applications more capacity and AI driven

0:39 actions each of our Wi-Fi 60 APS feature

0:43 quad radios AP 45 will support dual 5

0:47 gigahertz capabilities with 4x4 spatial

0:50 streams while ap34 features two by two

0:53 spatial streams that means increased

0:56 Channel width in six gigahertz

0:59 maximized user and it experiences and

1:03 secure client to Cloud automation

1:08 plus these APS automatically connect to

1:11 the Juniper Mist Cloud firmware updates

1:14 are retrieved and installed

1:15 automatically

1:17 the future of Wi-Fi is here call us to

1:21 talk about your six gigahertz Network

1:23 today

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