What Is SASE?

The side shown from the video features a solid green background, with the words “What is SASE?” in white. (SASE stands for secure access service edge.) The outline of a device, shaped like an iPad or an iPhone, is shown on the right.

Learn how your organization can benefit from SASE.

Not sure what SASE (secure access service edge) is all about? This short video breaks it down. You’ll learn how SASE architecture benefits organizations by integrating network and security, while providing protected access for users wherever they are. 

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You’ll learn

  • How SASE provides consistent security without compromising performance

  • How SASE provides a better end user experience 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals


0:00 what is sassy

0:03 have you heard about sassy

0:05 zero trust edge or the journey to the

0:08 cloud

0:09 not sure what it means

0:12 let's break it down

0:14 a sassy architecture brings together the

0:17 best of both worlds

0:19 networking converged with security

0:23 sassy protects from attacks regardless

0:26 of location

0:27 ensures consistent security without

0:30 backhauling traffic reduces latency and

0:33 provides a better end user experience

0:36 organizations have data and devices

0:39 across multiple locations

0:42 globally with a sassy architecture it's

0:46 easier to connect securely from anywhere

0:49 [Music]

0:50 a well-built sassy architecture delivers

0:53 a threat aware network for the cloud era

0:56 when organizations empower the network

0:58 to be threat aware connectivity is fast

1:01 and reliable attacks are stopped sooner

1:06 and security is seamless and invisible

1:08 to end users

1:09 providing an optimized user experience

1:12 for all with secure cloud-delivered

1:14 security

1:16 sassy enables organizations to design

1:19 build and maintain their network

1:21 architecture to deliver an exceptional

1:23 user experience that simplifies

1:25 operations to easily secure users and

1:28 applications

1:30 understanding where you are today and

1:32 where you need to go is the first step

1:35 to a secure future for your organization

1:40 visit juniper.net sassy to learn more

1:43 and how to get started on your journey

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