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What Is Cloud Computing? Layman Explanation in Under One Minute!

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The fastest way to understand what cloud computing is all about.

If you’re not familiar with cloud computing or you don’t have a technical background, press play for a quick comparison that will help give you a greater understanding of this ubiquitous term and what it means. 

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You’ll learn

  • How cloud computing compares to renting a house in a new city 

  • Why to think of cloud computing as businesses renting IT services 

  • The ways cloud computing benefits organizations 

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Anshul Tiwari Headshot
Anshul Tiwari
Tech Youtuber, ITkFUNDE


0:00 so friends if you don't know what is

0:01 cloud computing or if you are not from a

0:03 technical background just give me a few

0:05 seconds so suppose if you are going into

0:07 a new city to find a job what is your

0:09 priority your priority is to find a job

0:12 in that city but you would also need a

0:14 house to stay and i i think you would

0:16 rather prefer to rent it rather than

0:18 buying it

0:19 similarly a new business when it enters

0:22 into this world wants to do the business

0:24 and earn revenues and profits but they

0:27 need id to enable that

0:29 but

0:30 they would rather prefer rather than

0:32 buying their own id infrastructure they

0:33 would rather prefer to go to a vendor

0:36 and rent it out and that's what google

0:38 amazon microsoft does to these new

0:41 companies they rent it out they rent

0:43 their it resources in a very cheap price

0:45 on flexible timelines to these

0:47 new businesses

0:49 so if you are confused please think that

0:52 a cloud computing setup is nothing more

0:54 than renting a house

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