Juniper AI-Native Networking: Right Response

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Juniper AI-Native Networking: Right Response

Juniper AI-Native Networking: Right Response

Learn how Juniper Mist AI and Marvis provide network operators with the right real-time response enabling fewer trouble tickets, faster time to resolution, valuable time savings, and superior end-user experiences.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper Mist AI makes IT teams job easier

  • How Marvis VNA helps provide network insights

  • Why the right real-time response is key for network optimization

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals


0:00 It teams are under ever increasing pressure to accomplish more with less

0:04 but often spend their days navigating troubled tickets

0:07 while more important initiatives are left hanging.

0:10 That was then.

0:12 Now, Juniper's AI-Native Networking Platform is the key to shifting your IT team

0:17 from a reactive to proactive posture.

0:21 But what really sets it apart?

0:23 The Right Data, the Right Real-Time Response, and the Right Secure Infrastructure.

0:29 Let's talk about the value of the Right Real-Time Response.

0:33 Juniper Mist AI, the industries most advanced AIOps

0:37 correlates data from every networking domain and provides proactive insights

0:41 empowering IT teams to remediate problems before they impact performance.

0:47 And we've been collecting that data for over 9 years

0:50 longer than any other networking vendor.

0:53 That means we have more AI algorithms

0:55 more time for reinforced learnings, and more capabilities.

0:59 So you get more accurate real time responses, including root

1:02 cause analysis and self-driving actions for automated remediation.

1:08 And to make things even easier,

1:10 there's Marvis, the industry's only Virtual Network Assistant.

1:14 Just ask Marvis a question and get a simple conversational response.

1:19 And Marvis Minis, the only AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twins

1:24 Proactively troubleshoot your network

1:26 identifying issues before they impact end user experiences.

1:30 Juniper Mist AI and Marvis provide network operators

1:34 with the Right Real-Time Response

1:36 enabling fewer trouble tickets faster time to resolution,

1:40 valuable time savings and superior end user experiences.

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