Juniper AI-Native Networking: Right Infrastructure

Juniper AI-Native Networking: Right Infrastructure

Juniper AI-Native Networking: Right Infrastructure

Juniper’s microservices cloud architecture was explicitly designed to process complex AI workloads. Discover how the right architecture can simplify network operations and provide real time insights for a wide range of use cases.

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You’ll learn

  • Why the right infrastructure is key for AIOps and AI for networking

  • How Juniper works with domain experts to solve top challenges with AI

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 Growing a business, while protecting against

0:03 ever increasing security threats is a challenge.

0:05 And complex and inflexible network architectures

0:08 only add to the challenge.

0:10 That was then.

0:12 Now, Juniper's AI-Native Networking Platform

0:15 delivers the most advanced AIOps

0:18 to make it simple to scale your business.

0:20 But how is this done?

0:22 The Right data, The Right Real-Time Response,

0:24 and the Right Secure Infrastructure.

0:27 Let’s dig into the right secure infrastructure.

0:30 Our microservices cloud architecture was explicitly designed to process complex

0:35 AI workloads and provide

0:37 real time insights into user experience and network health.

0:41 And it enables ultimate agility and efficiency as new features, upgrades

0:46 and bug fixes are pushed frequently, without any risk of service disruption.

0:50 Cloud-based management also simplifies onboarding,

0:53 so you can easily make service changes or get new sites up and running in minutes.

0:58 Juniper infrastructure also offers world-class resilience

1:01 when it comes to ensuring zero trust security.

1:04 Juniper’s Connected Security with Advanced Threat Prevention

1:07 leverages AI to detect attacks early and optimizes policy enforcement

1:11 across every aspect of your network.

1:14 And, our best-in-class firewalls

1:16 offer the highest efficacy with zero false positives

1:19 while simplifying operations.

1:21 That's why CyberRatings awarded our firewalls with the

1:24 highest ratings for threat protection for five years running.

1:27 Whether you're looking for industry-leading security for campus and branch,

1:31 or looking to improve your data center and cloud security capabilities,

1:35 Juniper has you covered wherever your applications or users are.

1:40 With the Right Data,

1:41 the Right Real-time Response and the Right Secure Infrastructure,

1:45 Juniper delivers end-to-end AIOps that assures operational excellence

1:49 and secure, reliable, predictable and measurable user experiences.

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