Automated Service Activation and Testing - Network Automation Workshop Highlights

Network Automation
Still image from the video is of the first speaker, Grant Lenahan, Partner & Principal Analyst, Appledore Research. He is wearing glasses and a white collared shirt and there is a tall, white bookcase with books behind him. There is a green border around his image and the Junpier Networks logo is in the upper lefthand corner.

The need to automate is what it all comes down to.

Don’t miss these key takeaways from the Automated Service Activation and Testing – Network Automation workshop, with experts from Juniper and Appledore Research.  Find all the important highlights compiled here in less than two minutes. Register for the full on-demand workshop. 

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You’ll learn

  • Why you can’t really run your network effectively without automation 

  • How to begin implementing automation 

  • The amazing things you can do with the Active Assurance solution helping run your network 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders

Guest speakers

Grant Lenahan Headshot
Grant Lenahan
Partner & Principal Analyst, Appledore Research 
Cyril Doussau Headshot
Cyril Doussau
Director of Product Marketing, WAN-Automation, Juniper Networks
Mahan Davala Headshot
Mohan Raj Davala
Systems Engineer Specialist, APAC, Juniper Networks
Kevin Landry headshot
Kevin Landry
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Network Automation, Juniper Networks
Patrick Kelly Headshot
Patrick Kelly
Founder, Partner & Principal Analyst, Appledore Research


0:00 juniper network's network automation

0:03 webinar take one

0:07 big bang transformations as we all know

0:09 don't work and when they do work they

0:11 take too long it used to be that on

0:13 boarding a customer might take several

0:15 weeks and i think in today's world is

0:18 not acceptable in longer you see 60

0:20 percentage of the network problems are

0:22 not discovered by net ops because they

0:24 do not have the right tools to

0:27 understand the service quality end to

0:29 end

0:29 [Music]

0:32 it comes down to a need to automate

0:34 because the level of changes

0:36 and the timing of these changes are

0:38 really beyond the practicality of human

0:40 beings as networks evolve automation

0:43 will be the only way to keep pace and

0:46 safeguard against the errors

0:51 the reality is we can't do big bang and

0:53 rebuild everything in our operational

0:55 environment at once so we need to ask

0:58 where are we going to concentrate our

0:59 efforts first

1:00 [Music]

1:01 where we believe the most intelligent

1:03 place to begin thinking about how do you

1:06 implement

1:07 automation and how do you implement

1:10 assurance as part of that automation is

1:12 right within

1:13 the

1:14 ip environment itself

1:18 so with active assurance you're able to

1:20 inject synthetic layer 2 to layer 7

1:23 traffic to load test

1:25 your network

1:26 and to ensure that you meet the desired

1:29 slas in a way that is simulated like

1:32 real end customers that are using your

1:34 services without having active assurance

1:37 in the operator's tool set we think

1:39 service placement and visibility is

1:41 impossible to infer i think some of the

1:43 automated testing methods are not only

1:45 beneficial they are going to be

1:48 absolutely essential

1:50 [Music]

1:53 [Applause]

1:55 [Music]

1:57 you

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