Revolutionizing IT with AI

The still image from the video is of a doctor leaning over a little girl and looking into her ear during an health e examination. He is wearing a gray shirt and tie and she has on a t-shirt and dark curly hair.

Business as usual? Good luck with that.

Business as usual is no longer enough. With technology rapidly changing, IT has never been more complex or more important, and customers’ demands have never been greater. See how Mist AI from Juniper can revolutionize IT, transforming the way you run your network and maximizing user experience. Register for a full demo.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper is revolutionizing IT and leading the way into the future with Mist AI

  • How Mist delivers automation and insight that transforms enterprise networks 

  • How you can save time and money with AI 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:02 a digital world is changing rapidly and

0:06 customers expectations of Technology are

0:09 changing with it

0:10 IT has never been more important or more

0:14 complex so how do you adapt to the pace

0:17 of digital transformation

0:19 despite shrinking budgets business as

0:23 usual is no longer enough

0:25 the answer is artificial intelligence

0:28 missed a Juniper company is using AI to

0:32 revolutionize IT while other vendors are

0:35 clinging to the past and bolting AI on

0:38 top of legacy platforms we're leading

0:40 the way into the future at the

0:42 industry's first AI powered Network

0:44 combined with micro services cloud

0:47 architecture mis delivers automation and

0:49 insight that transforms enterprise

0:51 networks whether its retail healthcare

0:54 higher education or any other enterprise

0:57 technology powered by AI is bringing

1:00 simplicity to IT administrators and

1:02 network users every day save time and

1:05 money with automated workflows simple

1:08 root cause analysis and AI driven

1:10 virtual network assistant and actionable

1:13 insights maximize user experience with

1:16 network services that are predictable

1:18 reliable secure and most importantly

1:20 tailored to individual needs

1:23 to meet modern demands a new network

1:26 requires a I driven automation and

1:28 insight this is the AI driven Enterprise

1:32 this is mist

1:35 [Music]

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