Form factor

QFX5200-32C: Fixed 1 U access/ aggregation/lean spine

QFX5200-48Y: Fixed 1 U access/leaf

Dimensions (W x H x D)

QFX5200-32C: 17.36 x 1.72 x 20.48 in. (44.09 x 4.37 x 52.02 cm)

QFX5200-48Y: 17.36 x 1.70 x 20.28 in. (44.09 x 4.31 x 51.5 cm)

Switching capacity

QFX5200-32C: 6.4 Tbps/2.4 Bpps

QFX5200-48Y: 3.6 Tbps/2.1 Bpps

Port densities(10/25/40/50/100/400GbE)

128 x 10/25GbE
32 x 40/100GbE
64 x 50GbE

48 x 10/25GbE
6 x 40/100GbE

Power consumption

Max load: *312W
Typical load: **195W

Max load: 430W
Typical load: 382W


*Max Power consumption measured at 40°C ambient temperature with SR optics at 100% load with IMIX traffic

**Typical power consumption measured at 25°C ambient temperature with DACs as per ATIS standard.

Power consumption is subject to operating conditions and unit-to-unit variations.

Buffer capacity

QFX5200-32C: 16MB

QFX5200-48Y: 22MB

MAC addresses

QFX5200-32C: 136,000

QFX5200-48Y: 136,000

IPv4 unicast/multicast routes

QFX5200-32C: 128,000/52,000

QFX5200-48Y: 128,000/52,000

IPv6 unicast/multicast routes

QFX5200-32C: 29,000/95,000

QFX5200-48Y: 29,000/95,000

Number of VLANs


ARP entries

QFX5200-32C: 32,000

QFX5200-48Y: 48,000


750 ns

Overlay Management and Protocols

Contrail Networking, EVPN-VXLAN