U.K. Ministry of Justice changes lives with prison rehabilitation

Prison rehabilitation is changing lives in the U.K., improving people’s futures and helping prisoners get on the ladder of opportunity and reduce instances of reoffending. Under the U.K. Ministry of Justice’s Launchpad program, prisoners can use their devices for administrative tasks that simplify day to day life and streamline formerly slow and inefficient processes, and access important daily information from their cells to gain self-confidence, and improve behaviour.

The U.K. Ministry of Justice relies on a secure, cloud-managed network from Juniper to deliver great Wi-Fi experience at its prisons and probation offices to support work, education, and human connection.


Company U.K. Ministry of Justice
Industry Government and Non-Profit
Products used AP32AP45EX2300EX3400EX4100Wireless (Wi-Fi) AssuranceWired Assurance
Region EMEA
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Probation sites and prisons with fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity


Government-issued laptops used by prisoners and staff connected to the network


Access points installed in a typical prison


Create a wireless launchpad for rehabilitation

Reducing reoffending is at the heart of the Ministry’s Launchpad rehabilitation program. Prisoners are issued laptops to connect to the network, select their meals, or obtain other approved services right from their cells. A great Wi-Fi experience is integral to the program’s success.

We wanted to deliver efficient network user experiences to our staff and prisoners,” says Nava Ramanan, deputy director for digital infrastructure and security operations, Ministry of Justice. “We want to know about slow connections and poor performance before our users do.” 

U.K. Ministry of Justice Challenge

Workers are free to roam with automated, cloud-based Wi-Fi

The Ministry wanted to provide fit-for-purpose connectivity and a secure network solution for its probation sites that leveraged a cloud-native, AI-driven microservices architecture. Juniper’s full-stack wired and wireless solution hit all the requirements; delivering network visibility, automated troubleshooting, and an exceptional user experience.

Not all the remote probation offices today have Wi-fi enabled services or public Wi-fi access to visitors. However, more than 400 probation sites and prisons in the U.K. use Juniper Mist™ solutions, and currently implementing 100+ probation sites with Wi-fi capabilities. Those probation sites use Juniper access points and switches that work with the Juniper Mist cloud architecture, driven by Mist AI™ to deliver fast, reliable, and continuously optimised connectivity to probation officers, and other staff. Juniper Networks SRX firewalls provide secure connectivity from probation offices to the enterprise network and cloud services. 

For the IT staff, network configuration, management, and security duties are streamlined with AIOps. Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance, Wired Assurance and Marvis™ Virtual Network Assistance work together to proactively solve wireless and wired network issues before they impact the user experience.

Prisoners do not have free and unfettered access to the internet from any device. For instance, the IT team can use the Juniper Mist dashboard to quickly identify if there’s an unapproved Wi-Fi device connected in the prison. “Juniper Mist gives us very effective alerts if unapproved hotspots or rogue devices try to connect to the network,” says Ramanan.

U.K. Ministry of Justice Solution

A solution for successful prisoner reform

Prisoners connect to the network for various purposes, with an opportunity to improve their digital skills and to reduce their likelihood of reoffending.

“We’re delivering more secure, faster, better network services,” says Ramanan. “Prison staff, probation officers and prisoners have embraced Wi-Fi and given us positive feedback.”

Proactive, automated Wi-Fi is a huge advantage to allow a central IT team to solve problems before they impact users in prisons or probation offices. “We can predict potential issues before they happen,” says Ramanan. “Mist AI automatically detects issues and proactively self-heals or sends an alert to an engineer, so they exactly know where there is an issue in the network, and what to fix.

Mist AI-driven tools like Marvis can step in and help solve problems. “If there’s a bad cable or port flapping, we can fix it before it hurts the user experience,” he says.

Looking ahead, the Ministry of Justice expects to gain even more value from the Juniper network. “We are delivering great user experiences, and there is so much more possible with the intelligence in Juniper Mist,” says Nava. "We’re just getting started to use technology to reduce reoffending to better prepare our populations for the future.”

U.K. Ministry of Justice Outcome
“Juniper and Mist AI gives us information about our network, devices, and users that we never had. Instead of waiting weeks or months to understand when something happened, Juniper Mist lets us know what is happening in real time.”
Nava Ramanan Deputy Director, U.K. Ministry of Justice
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