Mist AI simplifies network conversion during Seacoast Bank acquisition

Founded 90+ years ago, Florida’s Seacoast has grown into a large community bank through an aggressive acquisition strategy. Seacoast uses Juniper AI-driven wired and wireless networking to ensure its branch locations and banking services operate seamlessly.


Company Seacoast Bank
Industry Financial Services
Products used EX SeriesWireless (Wi-Fi) AssuranceWired AssuranceEdgeWireless Access Points
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Banks acquired in the past five years


Days required to switch newly acquired banks to the Seacoast Bank networking system

$14.8 billion

In assets


Bank and branch locations in Central and Southeast Florida, plus additional ATM locations


Quickly onboard acquisitions to limit disruption

When Seacoast acquired Professional Bank in January 2023, it needed a simple, expedient solution to replace the networks at the acquired bank’s branches throughout Miami and ensure that they complied with Seacoast’s governance, risk, and compliance policies.

“We don’t integrate the acquired bank’s network,” says Stuart Thacker, VP of IT engineering for Seacoast Bank. “We install a fresh Seacoast network at the headquarters and all the branches—the works.”

In addition, Seacoast wanted secure Wi-Fi services for employees and contractors that eliminated the need for a VPN and shared passwords, which made network access difficult to control.

Seacoast Bank Challenge

AI-driven insights improve network reliability

Seacoast chose Juniper’s AI-driven enterprise network solution to replace the existing networks at the acquired bank’s branches.

Juniper Wi-Fi Access Points and EX Series Switches work with the Juniper Mist cloud architecture, driven by Mist AI™, to optimize network experiences across wireless and wired. Juniper Mist Edge extends VLANs to branch locations and home workers to replace remote VPN technology, delivering a better user experience to employees on their personal devices and outside vendors.

Mist AI simplifies network operations for the Seacoast IT team. Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance and Mist Wired Assurance automate network operations, simplifying installation, and improving connectivity. The Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) uses natural language processing to help staff detect and correct issues proactively, which reduces network problems and downtime.

Seacoast worked with Dell Technologies as its trusted consulting advisor.

Seacoast Bank Solution

A successful template for future acquisitions

As the Seacoast team prepared to cut over the acquired bank, they used the Juniper Mist portal to establish the client service levels experience metrics and set up the configuration templates. With the portal’s intuitive interface, no CLI was needed.

The new switches and access points were shipped to each branch and quickly installed by technicians, who used the included Juniper Mist mobile app to scan a QR code to activate each AP and get the switches live. Using the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant, the team quickly identified and resolved an error during the conversion—a network loop that was inadvertently created—and quickly fixed the disruption.

Deploying the Juniper network was so streamlined that Seacoast converted seven Professional Bank branch locations over a single weekend. Thacker plans to duplicate the process for future acquisitions.

“We started looking for a new network vendor 60 days ago, and we already have one successful bank conversion under our belt,” he says.

Seacoast Bank Outcome
“Seacoast Bank is growing rapidly by acquisition. The simplicity of deploying a Juniper network at newly acquired bank branches helps support post-merger integration.”
Stuart Thacker VP of IT Engineering, Seacoast Bank

Published November 2023