Adding new services and attracting new customers with next-generation MPLS network.

RTC Reserve Telecommunications has seen monumental changes in the industry since it initially brought telephone service to a small Louisiana town in 1935. Today RTC Reserve offers triple-play and security services to business and residential customers with its trademark small-town, friendly attitude.


Company RTC Reserve
Industry Telecommunications
Products used MX480MX240ACX5000ACX2200ACX1100
Region Americas
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"Demand for Metro Ethernet has grown significantly over the last several years as businesses transition to digital."
Luke Guillory Network Operations Manager, RTC Reserve Telecommunications

Business Challenge

The telco provider wanted to attract new business customers and meet growing consumer demand for faster Internet. It needed the foundation to deliver enterprise-ready services, and introduce Metro Ethernet and other connectivity offerings cost efficiently. RTC Reserve needed a solution that would allow it to profitably serve multiple customer segments with differentiated services over a single infrastructure.

Technology Solution

RTC Reserve built a next-generation MPLS network using Juniper MX480, MX240, and MX104 3D Universal Edge Routers in the metro core and edge. The ACX5000 Universal Access Router is used for metro aggregation, and ACX2200 and ACX1100 routers for metro access.

Business Results

The next-generation MPLS network has enabled RTC Reserve to attract new customers with new services, extend its geographical reach, and offer residential customers higher bandwidth Internet packages. Its Metro Ethernet services are exceeding customers’ expectations. The provider now has greater visibility into the network traffic, making services easier to manage.

"Our network needs to be reliable and work, but it needs to go beyond that. With Juniper, we can provide differentiated services to customers—services that are reliable, low cost, and well-supported."
Luke Guillory Network Operations Manager, RTC Reserve Telecommunications