Ricoh Group Creates a Smart Digital Workplace with a Unified Network

As a leader in empowering the digital workplace, The Ricoh Group helps its customers work smarter. As an early adopter of cloud to fuel productivity, its global network— which supports 90,000+ employees—was experiencing significant pains. Ricoh unified and simplified its network operations and built a massively scalable network.


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Inspiring the Digital Workplace

The Ricoh Group has long been on the vanguard of the cloud, embracing applications and services that empower employees to work more easily from anywhere and any device. But as the popularity of cloud applications grew, so did its network pains. Slow connections to hundreds of locations became a drag on the promise of the cloud.

Ricoh’s network was strained by its very success. As more applications migrated to the cloud, the impact of drastically different traffic patterns became readily apparent to employees working in branch locations. Some cloud applications didn’t work properly. Other applications, like voice, video, and Web conferencing, were so slow that employees stopped using them. Users were dissatisfied. To make matters worse, network operations were disjointed across Ricoh’s many affiliated companies and locations. The networks for each location were managed as separate domains. The WAN was a managed service. Internet connectivity was also outsourced.

Ricoh Group Challenge

Accelerating Cloud

To reap the full value of the cloud and improve IT service quality, Ricoh refreshed its global network. Unifying its network architecture was the first step to eliminating the complexity that stood in the way of business productivity.

To create a smarter digital workplace, Ricoh simplified its branch, campus, and WAN architecture. “We emphasized three selection criteria for technologies and products,” says Wakuri. “The technology had to be easy to configure to decrease the number of mistakes, enable easy automation, and support industry standards and protocols to assure interoperability.” Ricoh chose Juniper Networks to help achieve these goals.

Ricoh chose Juniper Networks to help achieve these goals. Juniper’s innovation through engineering, from the early days of the Internet to today’s advancements in performance, automation, and security, as well as a strong service provider heritage, was a critical factor in the decision.

Ricoh Group Solution

Simplifying a Global Network

The Juniper Networks MX480 5G Universal Routing Platform connects Ricoh’s three data centers in Japan with 500 offices in 200 countries and regions around the world. “The MX480 that is responsible for the WAN between the data centers of Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama and our Internet connection boast incredible stability,” says Wakuri.

The Juniper Networks QFX5100 Switch and EX9214 Ethernet Switch provide connectivity at large offices. Now, the office networks are simpler, more reliable, and more cost-effective to manage and maintain. Ricoh has also reduced the physical space required for network equipment in its offices by half and reduced power consumption by two thirds.

The Juniper Networks Junos® operating system delivers ongoing operational simplicity and savings. “I really like that Junos OS is the same, whether it is a switch, a router, or a firewall,” says Wakuri. Configuration is standardized and allows for easy automation using open-source software.

Ricoh took additional steps to protect against rising cyber threats—especially with the recent scourge of ransomware. Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention provides advanced malware protection from the cloud. “When an employee accesses a sketchy site, the threat is automatically evaluated and, depending on the evaluation, a warning can be displayed, or the network communication can be blocked,” Wakuri explains.

The Juniper Networks SRX5800 Services Gateway provides next-generation data center security, and each branch office has an SRX5800 for LAN/WAN connectivity and security. “By visualizing the logs from the SRX Series firewalls, we can spot threats that are happening and find suspicious devices and block them from the network,” Wakuri says.

By simplifying and unifying its network, Ricoh has eliminated the roadblocks and complexity that once stood in the way of business growth and innovation. Next, it plans to roll out Office 365 and refresh its networks in China and Southeast Asia. “In expanding overseas, our expectations are high with regard to Juniper,” says Wakuri. With the tools of the digital workplace easily accessible, Ricoh employees can continue to innovate and deliver value to customers.

Ricoh Group Outcome
"We love Juniper because of the interoperability it provides."
Tomotake Wakuri Corporate Senior Architect for Security and Network, Ricoh Digital Promotion Division
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