Maryland residents learn job-landing skills at Prince George’s Community College

When MGM Resorts announced it was opening a casino at National Harbor in Maryland, Prince George’s Community College began designing skills-based classes to produce a qualified, trained workforce to fill thousands of new jobs.

The State of Maryland has been chipping away at its unemployment rate by improving workforce development through local community colleges, technical schools, and training centers. These institutions fuel job growth by preparing the local population with new skills, and Prince George’s Community College has been a ready partner in this endeavor.


Company Prince George's Community College
Industry Education
Products used EX9200MX10
Region EMEA
Prince George's Community College Image
"When we were comparing offerings, Juniper’s performance, maintenance, and service delivery was a better pick. Juniper is a better value dollar for dollar."
Manuel Arrington Director of Network Services and Telecommunications, Prince George’s Community College

Business Challenge

The college’s network was breaking under the strain of video demands, learning apps, and wireless LAN traffic, and it was difficult to bring up new learning sites. The college replaced its aging network with a new network from Juniper to handle the bandwidth demands, improve agility, and ease management.

Technology Solution

Redundant MX10 3D Universal Edge Routers deliver high-performance routing to support the school’s many educational and administrative applications.  EX4200  and  EX2200  Ethernet Switches are used for aggregation and access. Remote sites rely on SRX Series Services Gateways for high-performance security, routing, switching, and WAN connectivity.

Business Results

Students are enjoying faster, more reliable connections on campus and at the extension centers. The cost of networking new sites has declined significantly because of the flexibility of the new Juniper network. The college is now able to throw up a site-to-site connection in almost a tenth of the time, and at a much lower cost.

"Juniper gave us a different approach that lets us stretch our networks anywhere we requested. Being able to bring our network to any location on short notice is phenomenal."
Manuel Arrington Manuel Arrington Director of Network Services and Telecommunications, Prince George’s Community College