Automation allows Orange Spain to activate security services within 15 minutes

Cybersecurity is one of Europe’s greatest business priorities, and attacks on small and midsized businesses are more widespread than ever. Growing businesses can turn to Orange Spain to safeguard their data and operations as they become increasingly distributed.

Orange Spain's Network Plus service takes a cloud-native, software-defined network approach to providing customers with sophisticated protection without manual intervention. The provider's highly automated security service is driven by Juniper virtual firewall, software-defined networking (SDN), and orchestration solutions.


Company Orange Spain
Industry Service Provider
Products used vSRXCloud-Native Contrail Networking Junos Space SDK
Region EMEA
Orange Spain Hero
Customer Success At-a-glance

Activate service from end to end in less than 15 minutes


Projected growth in European cybersecurity market (IDC)

Customers manage security services through a simple self-service portal 

Increase average revenue per customer with network service add-ons


Advanced protection for businesses of all sizes

Orange Spain saw the potential of a cloud-native, software-defined approach to offering frictionless cybersecurity services to small and midsized businesses.

“We saw an opportunity to provide customers with a more flexible security service,” says Juan Luis Mulas, head of telco cloud, OSS, and automation engineering at Orange Spain. “In addition to security, we wanted to provide services through a simple click-and-configure experience.”

Orange Spain took inspiration to radically simplify security from its experience building its own telco cloud.

“As we built our private telco cloud, we became convinced that we could use an SDN controller to automate connectivity to private cloud customers,” says Mulas.

Orange Spain Challenge

A cloud-native approach to security services

Automation allows Orange Spain to activate Network Plus services in less than 15 minutes, including billing systems. If the customer uses Orange Livebox at their premises, the service activation is almost immediate.

Orange Spain developed Network Plus from the ground up. It uses an OpenStack platform to manage compute and storage service resources and Juniper Cloud-Native Contrail Networking to create and manage the virtual networks. Contrail Networking links the physical domain, including customer premises equipment and Juniper MX Series Universal Routing Platforms, with the virtual domain.

Operating in the virtual sphere, Juniper vSRX Virtual Firewall delivers advanced threat prevention, next-generation firewall, and adaptive SSL VPN capabilities, detecting and mitigating threats and providing secure customer access.

Junos Space Security Director automates policy enforcement and provides centralized visibility and management. Security features are deployed as Junos OS CLI Configlets, making service operations quicker and easier.

Rich customer reporting, which taps into the Junos Space Log Director application, helps Orange Spain continue to improve the customer experience.

Orange Spain Solution

Just a click to turn on advanced security

Network Plus is a breakthrough for Orange Spain to deliver more customer value by dramatically simplifying security for businesses of all sizes.

Advanced protection is available to organizations without deep pockets for cybersecurity tools and talent—or the patience to wait weeks for services to be turned on.

“Once customers buy Network Plus, services are automatically provisioned through our IT pipeline,” says Mulas. “Our service orchestrator does the work of configuring and provisioning the resources.”

Customers can easily add new services, such as fixed IP addresses to support point of sale or video cameras or multisite connectivity from the portal.

Streamlining service delivery not only results in greater customer satisfaction, but also more profitable growth.

“With Network Plus, we have increased the average revenue per user and enriched our security portfolio,” he says. 

Orange Spain Outcome
“We saw the opportunity to use cloud-native, software-defined networking to create an advanced security service for small and midsized enterprises that is completely automated from the moment the customer orders. Juniper firewalls, SDN, and orchestration help us automate service delivery.”
Juan Luis Mulas Head of Telco Cloud, OSS, and Automation Engineering, Orange Spain

Published July 2022