Kyungsung University achieves experience-first networking across its campus

Located in Busan, South Korea’s second largest city, Kyungsung University boasts years of history and tradition as a prestigious private institution since its founding in 1955. The university campus currently houses 10 undergraduate colleges and 7 graduate schools spanning various disciplines such as liberal arts, pharmacy, theology, social welfare, and digital design—all nurturing talented students that will lead the future of Korea.

With Juniper’s wired solutions, next-generation firewalls, and HealthBot, Kyungsung University built a reliable, stable, and secure networking infrastructure to respond to the paradigm shift in education brought forth by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The university secured a new network infrastructure that can support data-intensive, high-definition lecture videos and meet the heightened bandwidth demands of remote learning during the pandemic.


Company Kyungsung University
Industry Education
Products used QFX10002EX4600SRX4100HealthBot
Region APAC
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Building a next-generation smart campus

Prior to the upgrade, the backbone of the computer management center and university building were connected by a 10G network. The section between the center and the Internet gateway was comprised of a 1G network, preventing ISP companies from expanding the bandwidth further. Moreover, there was more traffic being generated than usual with online classes rapidly becoming the norm due to the pandemic. The university needed to respond effectively to high demand for high-definition lecture videos and education-related content, which are expected to increase in the future.

Educational institutions like Kyungsung University are facing unprecedented challenges as students are unable to attend classes in person due to the pandemic. To alleviate this issue, Kyungsung University understood the need to build the first 40G network in Busan, providing high-speed and high-capacity network infrastructure capable of delivering an optimized and secure end-user experience for its students, faculty, and staff with Juniper’s solutions.

Kyungsung University Challenge

A first-of-its-kind network powered by automation

With an upgraded 40G network, Kyungsung University was able to replace dated equipment to preemptively prevent network failures due to increased traffic. Furthermore, they are now able to predict future failures with their new integrated network monitoring system.

To provide an uninterrupted experience for students, faculty, and staff, Kyungsung University introduced Juniper HealthBot as well as the Juniper SRX4100 Services Gateway. The SRX4100 offers a next-generation security solution that supports the growing security needs of Kyungsung University’s network at a time when cyberthreats are increasing, while also providing network administrators with application visibility and control.

By integrating the Juniper HealthBot with the network and security equipment, Kyungsung’s network administrators can translate real-time analytics into actionable insights, enabling them to easily monitor and evaluate their network infrastructure cost-efficiently. The university now has an innovative smart campus through their network system, providing everyone on and off campus with a seamless experience.

“In today’s university campus network environment, network failure means the suspension of all services,” says Jin Woo Kim, Chief of Information and Computing Institute at Kyungsung University. “Automation-driven management solutions allow us to predict when and how accidents will occur and to quickly resolve them, providing more comfortable and safer network services to our community."

Kyungsung University Solution

Powering the future of learning in South Korea’s second largest city

The network upgrade by Kyungsung University makes it the first 40G smart campus in Busan. The main backbone of the computer management center and the network of each college building are supported by a 40G network that can go up to 80G, thereby solving the bandwidth problem of the previous network and enabling faster, smoother, and more reliable service.

Through this, students, faculty, and staff no longer have to deal with a slow network, while their user experience is maximized.

Kyungsung University Outcome
"As we transitioned to remote and hybrid learning, we realized the need to build a fast, stable, and secure network to ensure our students, faculty, and staff have always-on access to the resources and learning materials they require. With the deployment of the solutions from Juniper Networks, speed and bandwidth issues are now behind us."
Jin Woo Kim Chief of Information and Computing Institute, Kyungsung University

Published August 2021