From managed security to experimental physics, KanREN delivers state-of-the-art networking

Kansas Research and Education Network (KanREN) is a long-time leader in using advanced network technologies to deliver scalable, affordable, and innovative services. With Juniper, KanREN has been able to support research and collaboration with a 100GbE network and converge everything into a single administrative point.

KanREN delivers world-class broadband infrastructure to colleges, universities, community colleges, K-12 school districts, public libraries, and other community institutions. The nonprofit consortium serves more than 185,000 users at 442 institutions across the state.


Company Kanren
Industry Education
Products used MX SeriesSRX SeriesMX960MX480
Region Americas
Kanren Image
"We have a vibrant research community that’s driving the need for greater bandwidth."
Brad Fleming Assistant Director of Technology, KanREN

Business Challenge

KanREN’s latest challenge is the deployment of a 100GbE network to connect the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, the University of Kansas Medical Center, and colocation facilities with Internet2 and the Great Plains Network, a consortium of Midwestern universities.

Technology Solution

When KanREN’s network team considered its options for the 100GbE extension project, it looked for a routing solution with terabit capacity, line-rate performance, and massive route scale. Ultimately, KanREN chose to deploy MX960 and MX480 3D Universal Edge Routers, with the MX960 routers supporting the 100GbE extension. SRX Series Services Gateways are at the heart of KanREN’s managed security service.

Business Results

Unlike most statewide networks, the educational and community institutions in Kansas are not obligated to use KanREN and can choose their provider on the open market. To succeed, KanREN must offer a compelling mix of technology and services with superior customer support at competitive prices.

"While we’re higher priced than cut-rate Internet service providers, we offer more value, including significantly better support and a broader set of IP services. Our Juniper network provides us with the agility to deliver advanced services at very competitive rates."
Brad Fleming Assistant Director of Technology, KanREN