Keeping customers’ networks safe and highly available with vSRX Services Gateway

Expedient wanted to offer customers greater control over their managed security services so they could tailor their protection to specific business needs and compliance requirements.


Company Expedient
Industry Technology
Products used vSRXSecurity DirectorJunos Space Network Director
Region Americas
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"One of the big positives of vSRX is the different services we can offer to customers. Using virtual security services has freed up software development and support time, which has allowed us to introduce services faster."
Bryan Smith Regional Vice President, Expedient

Expedient Data Centers provides IT infrastructure outsourcing services, including managed services, private and public cloud, colocation, and enterprise access to businesses. A privately-held company known for its highly reliable and interconnected facilities as well as leading-edge services, Expedient has data centers in Boston, Baltimore, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Memphis, and Pittsburgh.

Business Challenge

Businesses, schools, and government agencies rely on Expedient’s managed network security services to keep their data safe and available and to keep sophisticated threats from interrupting their businesses. But in a multitenant model with traditional firewalls, if one customer experiences a cyberattack, the attack could impact all customers sharing the same physical firewall.

Technology Solution

To support a more flexible and customizable managed security service, Expedient migrated from its physical firewalls to Juniper Networks vSRX to support its managed security service. With vSRX, customers can leave the traditional, monolithic firewall environment behind for a solution with granular security control.

Business Results

With vSRX, Expedient now offers highly customized managed security services to its customers, and it uses automation to deploy security services in minutes, not hours. It has also been able to greatly simplify security operations. More than 50 Expedient customers use vSRX and the company expects significant growth as other customers are migrated from its physical firewall infrastructure.

"Not only has vSRX allowed us to speed service delivery to our customers, but it also has reduced operational complexity."
Kevin Meyer Manager, Product Development and Systems Architecture at Expedient.