Connecticut Education Network Upgrades to 100-Gbps Science DMZ Connection

Connecticut Education Network built a better Science DMZ, providing a 100-Gbps, low-latency connection to Internet2 and support for more data-intensive research and scientific collaboration.

The Connecticut Education Network (CEN) delivers reliable, high-speed Internet access, data transport, and network and cloud services to its members throughout Connecticut at affordable rates. CEN connects 200 K-12 schools, 150 libraries, 39 higher education institutions, 100 municipalities, and 10 government agencies statewide.


Company CEN
Industry Education
Products used QFX SeriesEX SeriesMX SeriesQFX10002QFX5100MX960MX480
Region Americas
CEN Image
"UConn [University of Connecticut] is now directly connected to the most advanced global fabric of research facilities available, which will enable the university to accelerate its cutting-edge research in biological and physical sciences."
Rob Vietzke Vice President of Network Services, Internet2

Business Challenge

Data-intensive collaboration was growing across Connecticut’s research and education community and with peers at national and international institutions. CEN wanted to upgrade its Science DMZ to 100 Gbps to enable data-intensive collaboration and connect the University of Connecticut’s main campus and health center with CEN and Internet2.

Technology Solution

For its Science DMZ, CEN deployed the MX Series for high-speed border routers, and used QFX Series switches and EX Series Ethernet switches at the libraries to connect to high-performance computing clusters, storage, workloads, and data transfer nodes. Integration Partners, a network-engineering firm, worked with CEN on the architectural design, procurement, and deployment, and provided Junos OS training.

Business Results

CEN’s new network delivers greater backbone capacity, fast speeds, and highly reliable Internet and network and cloud services to educational institutions, libraries, and government agencies across the state. Beyond supporting UConn’s data-intensive research needs, CEN can offer new services such as Layer 2 VPN and private Ethernet.

"With a Juniper network, CEN is able to meet our members’ need for higher capacity Internet connectivity and advanced network services while enabling CEN to deliver these services efficiently."
Ryan Kocsondy Director, Connecticut Education Network