Mist AI enhances National Chi Nan University campus experience

National Chi Nan University (NCNU), located in the heart of Taiwan, is a leading academic and research institution with 6,500 students and an accomplished faculty of close to 700 members. Its 13 academic research centers in Taiwan support the Ministry of Education in key research studies.  

With a goal to build a digitally led campus that would support blended learning for its Executive Master of Business Administration program while reducing IT costs and workload, NCNU deployed a Juniper Mist wireless network.


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Enhance the learning environment

Changes in post-pandemic learning styles have increased students’ expectations for access to digital resources and online classes. Professors need to carry out lectures seamlessly regardless of time and location, especially in a blended learning environment where students require the flexibility of virtual and in-person interactions.

NCNU wanted a smarter wireless network—one that could adapt to growing digital expectations. It began with its College of Management’s Executive MBA program. 

“We needed a networking solution that was reliable, cost-effective, and one that we could manage remotely for ease of IT operations,” says Dr. Hsiao Guisen, CTO of National Chi Nan University. “This included AI-based network management and the ability to support smart, personalized learning applications that can enhance the educational experience for students.”

National Chi Nan University Challenge

Undisrupted connectivity for a digital-first learning experience

The alignment in AI vision, together with the proven performance of Juniper routing and switching in its campus network, made Juniper the right choice for the wireless LAN refresh.

The university deployed Juniper’s AI-driven Wi-Fi and wired network solutions that delivered simple, smart management and remote operations “while offering our higher education students an ideal blended learning environment,” says Dr. Guisen.

Juniper access points work with the Juniper Mist cloud, driven by Mist AI, to optimize network performance across NCNU’s Executive MBA classrooms for an improved learning experience. Applications are more responsive, and disruptions were eliminated, as the network can adapt automatically to unexpected surges in usage.

AI-powered Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance and Juniper Marvis Virtual Network Assistant monitor the network and proactively resolve issues, which reduces the need for human intervention from the IT department. Since 2022, when the Juniper network was implemented, this has resulted in zero Wi-Fi trouble tickets.

“Juniper’s AI-driven network automates many repetitive and tedious tasks, which saves time and reduces the risk of human error and improves stability,” says Dr. Guisen. “The university’s IT team can focus on more strategic tasks while reducing labor costs.”

National Chi Nan University Solution

Achieving simplicity through AI-driven Wi-Fi experiences

The enhanced user experience enabled by Juniper’s AI-driven solutions has not only significantly improved the overall quality of learning for NCNU’s higher education students. It also aligns with the university’s vision of establishing an AI-integrated campus.

“Integrating AI into the campus network improves the intelligence of the educational environment,” says Dr. Guisen.

“With the rapid development of AI, universities need to think about how to manage a school network to reduce costs and manpower requirements,” he says. “A Juniper network has provided the key to reducing maintenance and labor costs through automation, performance, security, and elastic expansion. This not only helps the school’s operational efficiency, but provides a better educational environment for students.”

NCNU, a longtime user of Juniper routing and switching, can easily expand its Wi-Fi deployment as its needs grow. “A university’s needs may change over time, and a Juniper network provides flexible expansion options,” says Dr. Guisen. “This means universities can scale based on actual needs without having to over-invest in hardware and software, which helps reduce long-term capital and operating costs.”

National Chi Nan University Outcome
“Achieving zero complaints on our Wi-Fi is the ultimate goal for the IT department, as users would contact our staff directly at the IT department when encountering any issues. Since implementing Juniper wireless access points in 2022, our IT department has not received any Wi-Fi trouble tickets.”
Dr. Hsiao Guisen CTO of National Chi Nan University
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Published December 2023


[1] From the time of solution implementation in mid of 2023 to the date of publishing this data in January 2024, NCNU had received no network related trouble tickets.