Case Study

Service Provider Builds SDN-Driven Network to Meet Customers’ Needs

InterCloud supplies enterprises with network connectivity to large cloud providers. An open, programmable network enables InterCloud to scale and be more responsive to changing conditions.

“Our new network has allowed us to sustain the growing needs of our current customers, along with acquiring new customers who are looking to interconnect their legacy IT applications to the large cloud providers.”

Benjamin Ryzman, Chief Technical Officer and Founder, InterCloud


With a network footprint across Europe, U.S., and Asia, InterCloud specializes in interconnecting enterprises with large cloud providers. Its business relies on a high-performance, scalable core network. InterCloud wanted a networking platform that enables automation and flexibility for its customers and its business.

Business Challenge

InterCloud understood that the more enterprises embrace the cloud, the more they need high-capacity, reliable network connectivity. To meet its customers’ increasing demands, InterCloud sought to build a super-scalable core network that provides the highest levels of network and service availability and automates network provisioning.

Technology Solution

InterCloud created a multi-10GbE MPLS core between its points of presence (POPs) using MX Series routers. These routers also connect the POPs to large cloud providers and support VPN connections to global customers. ACX Series routers are used for customer premises and metro Ethernet deployments. SRX Series firewalls provide integrated protection and adapt dynamically to evolving security threats.

Business Results

Using Juniper solutions has enabled InterCloud to keep pace with its customers’ requirements for increasing performance and the highest levels of reliability. The cloud connectivity provider has boosted WAN capacity 100 percent, doubled the number of POPs in Europe, U.S., and Asia, and expanded its portfolio of secure IT services.

“An open, programmable network can facilitate automation through integration with a wide range of commercial, open source, and custom developed toolsets. This enhanced flexibility allows our network to become highly responsive to changing conditions, such as growth and enabling new services.”

Benjamin Ryzman, Chief Technical Officer and Founder, InterCloud

How we put it together

Flagship edge routing platform for enterprise and service provider applications, with unparalleled bandwidth, subscriber, and service scale.

Cost-effective, carrier Ethernet access and aggregation for mobile backhaul and Metro Ethernet.

High-performance network security with advanced integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry’s most scalable and resilient platform.