Roselle, N.J., public schools are determined to lead with innovation and change

Roselle, New Jersey, isn’t far from the glittering skyline of Manhattan. As the first town in the world illuminated by electric light, technology and innovation is part of its DNA. Driving student achievement through power of connected devices and anytime, anywhere access to education is front and center on Roselle Public Schools’ agenda.

An AI-driven network from Juniper supports academic success for 3500 students. 


Company Roselle (NJ) Public Schools
Industry Education
Products used AP33AP43AP63EX3400EX4600QFX5110Wireless (Wi-Fi) AssuranceWired Assurance
Region Americas
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Devices connected, used by 3500 students, teachers and staff at seven school sites

High-availability network avoids learning disruption

Reduced network support workload frees up IT staff for strategic work


Create a path to prosperity through academic excellence

Dr. Henry A. Dixon, director of operational technology at Roselle Public Schools, has been steadily closing the gap in preparing the community’s students for college and their lives ahead.

Modernizing the network, foundational to classroom learning and smooth district operations, was a critical starting point to adopting the latest digital learning tools and methods. The district’s aging, chassis-based switches were retired, giving way to a fast, flexible, and resilient network from Juniper.

Next up was modernizing the Wi-Fi networks, replacing the old-school wireless LAN controller with the Juniper Wireless Access solution, driven by Mist AI. Juniper provides a robust suite of cloud-based microservices that support Wi-Fi 6, IoT, AI, automation, and location-based services.

“I gravitated to Mist AI,” says Dr. Dixon. “I used to teach computer science, so I understood how the AI could help me in the future.”

Roselle (NJ) Public Schools Challenge

From old-school networking to cutting-edge

The core network, an IP fabric comprising Juniper QFX5110 Switches, delivers always-on connectivity with plenty of headroom for growth. 

At the school sites, Juniper EX3400 and EX4600 Ethernet Switches provide speedy connectivity for wireless access points, smart whiteboards, and the security cameras that help keep kids safe. Juniper access points deliver Wi-Fi 6 connectivity for school-issued Chromebooks and laptops as well as personal mobile devices. 

Mist AI and Juniper Cloud Services, including the Juniper Marvis Virtual Network Assistant, help the IT team resolve problems faster and deliver a user experience that’s more predictable, reliable, and measurable. 

“Deployment is like peeling an onion,” says Brant Stevens, founder of Sinewave, a boutique network consultancy that works closely with Roselle Public Schools. 

Marvis, with its conversational interface and prescriptive actions, was critical to uncovering those layers of issues. 

“Mist AI and Marvis bubbled up problems like bad cabling or the DHCP server, so we could fix them,” says Stevens. “Previously, there was no way to definitively determine if an AP was dropping users because of a cabling problem or Wi-Fi interference. With Juniper, we can see it clearly.”

Roselle (NJ) Public Schools Solution

Great expectations for digital learning

Student and teacher expectations for quality digital experiences have risen along with remote learning requirements. Everyday learning incorporates more video, applications, and online resources. Classrooms have many more connected devices. 

With a Juniper network, Roselle Public Schools is better positioned to incorporate the tools of modern learning so teachers can better address the pandemic’s impact on learning and bring educational equity to the children of hard-working families. 

AI-driven operations has transformed IT support, empowering an IT staff of four to deliver better user experiences while also streamlining their workload. 

Wi-Fi connectivity problems are rare. And, network maintenance no longer needs to be performed after hours. “If we need to make a network change in the middle of the day, we can move traffic in three seconds with no operational impact to the schools,” says Stevens.

The Juniper Mist Cloud portal makes it easy for Dr. Dixon to keep tabs on network user experiences from anywhere and avoid problems that could impact learning or district operations. 

“With Juniper, we have better visibility and can fix problems faster,” says Dr. Dixon. “Marvis and Mist AI allow us to think about the next set of problems and how to improve the Wi-Fi coverage as our needs change.”

Roselle (NJ) Public Schools Outcomes
Dr. Henry A. Dixon
“Mist gives me the data I can take to upper management. I’m not a tech guy always asking the board for funding. I have the data to show what we need and why. I can have a different conversation with management.”
Dr. Henry A. Dixon Director of Operational Technology, Roselle Public Schools
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Roselle Public Schools - determined to lead with innovation and change

Driving student achievement through power of connected devices and anytime, anywhere access to education is front and center on Roselle Public Schools’ agenda.

Published June 2022