Prairie View A&M University puts AI into action

Prairie View A&M University, the second oldest public university in Texas, serves 9,500 students and offers more than 70 degree programs, including nursing, engineering, and architecture. The historically black university is known for its diversity, outstanding academics, and a vibrant student life.

The fast-growing university migrated to a next-gen network from Juniper. Students installed a Juniper network in the first building as a class project, then based on the user experience and management simplicity, the university expanded the refresh across all three campuses.


Company Prairie View A&M University
Industry Education
Products used AP45AP63EX4400Wired AssuranceWireless (Wi-Fi) Assurance
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Students studying engineering, sciences, business, the arts, nursing, and criminal and juvenile justice


Campuses in northwest Houston


Decrease in Wi-Fi-related trouble tickets and declining


Increase in student satisfaction scores


A slow network with no visibility

When Tony Moore joined Prairie View A&M as CIO, he knew the network was a fixer-upper. “I view myself as a change-maker and a problem-solver,” he says.

An aging campus network was hindering the university from reaching its IT and user experience goals. Wi-Fi connectivity was poor, the wired network was slow, and an unnecessarily complicated design made the network hard to manage and restricted visibility.

Moore strategized a total network transformation. Instead of relying on a managed service provider to oversee the network, he brought network management back in-house. “I wanted a manageable network with no major learning curve,” Moore says. “I needed a network that the team could learn quickly and would be simple to manage.”

Prairie View A&M University Challenge

Next-gen network for a first-in-class university

Prairie View A&M mapped out a Juniper wired and wireless network to support its academic, research, administrative, and public safety applications on its three campuses. Juniper AP45 and AP63 wireless access points and Juniper EX4400 Switches work in conjunction with the Juniper Mist cloud architecture, driven by Mist AI, to deliver optimized network experiences to wireless, wired, and IoT devices both indoors and outdoors.

“Having visibility into student and staff experiences at the device and application levels helps us deliver high-quality experiences to our end users,” says Moore. “Mist AI lets us know where our problems originate so we can prevent issues for our staff and students.”

For network visibility and management, the university added Juniper Mist Wired Assurance, Wi-Fi Assurance, and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant cloud services. The network team gained the desired visibility across both its wired and wireless networks through a single management window. Marvis added in-depth support help with its AI-driven, problem-resolution skills.

Prairie View A&M University Solution

Student-tested network success

A Juniper network moved Prairie View A&M into a future-ready mindset. The university can fulfill its plans to outfit its three campuses, football stadium, and farm with a next-gen network.

From the start, the minimal learning curve and ease of deployment were impressive. “The biggest proof that we made the right decision was seeing our students build out the wired and wireless network as a class project,” says Moore. “The students won an innovation award and several earned internships based on their new skills.”

Everyone on campus has noticed the improved network performance. Daily Wi-Fi complaints have vanished, and the Net Promoter Score for the network jumped to 86. “Using Marvis and Mist AI has improved customer satisfaction and increased IT productivity,” says Moore.

Cloud-based, Mist AI-driven network management was everything the team had hoped for. The IT staff has gained end-to-end visibility at the device and application levels so they fully understand user experiences. Remote management saves the network team hours of time driving to other campuses to troubleshoot.

The Juniper network is ready for future projects, from advancing agricultural technology to discoveries in physics as the university make big strides toward becoming a nationally recognized research institution.    

Prairie View A&M University Outcome
“A Juniper Mist network is a game changer in our ability to deliver the best experience to our students.”
Tony Moore CIO, Prairie View A&M University
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Prairie View A&M University put AI into Action

Watch as Prairie View A&M University's CIO, Tony Moore, discuss why he chose Juniper for their next-gen network and the outcome they are experiencing across their three campuses.

Published September 2023