Greg Yoder, Vice President, APAC Services, Juniper Networks

APAC Junivator Talk Show: #BreakTheBias

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Still slide of the presentation shown is the title slide. The logo is shown with APAC Juvinator at the top of a neon green box and the words “TalkShow #BreakTheBias” are written inside the neon green box. Below the box it says, “International Women’s Day 2022.”

Walking the talk: How Juniper is an employee-first workplace 

As part of our continued efforts to create an employee-first workplace that values diverse thinking and open dialogue, Juniper recently launched the APAC Junivator Talk Show Series.

This first episode keeps with the #BreakTheBias theme of International Women’s Day. Three women –– all leaders at Juniper –– share their stories and thoughts on what Juniper is doing to raise awareness and champion inclusion in Juniper offices around the world. 

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You’ll learn

  • What Juniper is doing to break down barriers for women and champion inclusion

  • How Juniper helps its employees worldwide network, grow, and become leaders

  • How Juniper places emphasis on coaching and mentoring for all employees 

Who is this for?

Business Leaders


Greg Yoder Headshot
Greg Yoder
Vice President, APAC Services, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Kylie McCormack Headshot
Kylie McCormack
Juniper Networks, Australia and New Zealand
Yen Nee Tan Headshot
Yen Nee
Juniper Networks, Malaysia
Shalini Kaul
Juniper Networks, India 


0:03 there's quite a few activities that are

0:05 happening all over juniper to celebrate

0:07 iwd

0:09 and the apac contribution to that is

0:11 this virtual library chat

0:14 and during the conversation today we're

0:16 going to be talking about breaking the

0:17 bias

0:18 not only gender bias but bias in all of

0:21 its form

0:24 [Music]

0:30 this is where juniper is great in

0:32 supporting the opportunity to break down

0:34 these barriers

0:35 um for me i lead by action so in my team

0:39 i have 12 different countries of origin

0:43 where everyone has their own story of

0:45 why they have moved from their original

0:47 country

0:48 to their adopted country of australia or

0:50 new zealand

0:52 so there is no one race or age or level

0:55 of experience that precludes them from

0:58 the opportunities to grow here at

1:00 juniper and to challenge

1:02 how and why tunipa does the business in

1:05 the way that we do

1:07 right so it creates great diversity

1:10 i think other things that we do

1:12 offering programs to encourage

1:14 self-development

1:15 whether that's job shadowing or

1:17 mentoring that we were talking about

1:18 earlier

1:20 those who are able to voice their skills

1:22 and network with others across the

1:25 company and that's not just locally but

1:27 across the world

1:30 [Music]

1:32 juniper is really doing a lot investing

1:35 a lot in building a more inclusive and

1:37 diverse workplace

1:39 of initiatives very large to support us

1:42 we are being trained on unconscious

1:44 buyers efforts are being made you know

1:46 to raise awareness and to champion

1:48 inclusion electricity across

1:50 global workplace

1:58 we really have a diverse team at uh in

2:01 marketing right from the leadership

2:03 to the mid management and to the ic

2:05 level and there's a lot of emphasis on

2:08 mentoring co-chain leadership programs

2:10 right equally for men and women

2:12 in the team and there are a lot of

2:14 programs which are happening uh uh which

2:17 which are initiators of the marketing

2:19 team at juniper and also of the hr apac

2:21 and india team and i think i have been

2:23 part of uh yeni and kylie we are part of

2:27 couple of programs together and there is

2:29 so much of emphasis on

2:31 coaching and mentoring here i for the

2:34 first time in my life i am part of a

2:36 formal coaching program at juniper

2:42 [Music]

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