Automated Threat Mitigation, Juniper Secure Analytics XDR integration with Security Director, Day 2

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Still image a network dashboard.

See how the automated and provisioned slice reacts to a threat that targets a secure network slice.

  • Juniper’s cSRX detects network-based attacks as well as vSRX.
  • Juniper Secure Analytics (JSA) receives security logs from cSRX and vSRX.
  • JSA receives security logs from cSRX and vSRX
  • JSA analyzes/processes the alert and correlates with associated data and raises an offense for action through Juniper Secure Analytics XDR (JSA XDR)
  • CP4S/JSA XDR provides an automated action with auto-healing capabilities and IP blocking through the Juniper firewall through Security Director
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You’ll learn

  • Integration of security features per catalog

  • Automated threat response and remediation

  • Observability and Security Analytics

Who is this for?

Security Professionals Network Professionals