What is Security Director?

Still images shows a white background with ‘What is Security Director?’ on the left hand side and “Juniper Networks, TechLibrary’ in the upper right hand corner.  Underneath is the Security Director icon surrounded by a grey circle with lines and other circles radiating from it.

Security Director enables organizations to manage security anywhere and everywhere, on-premises and in the cloud with unified policy management that follows users, devices, and applications wherever they go.

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You’ll learn

  • How to use Security Director

  • What Security Director can detect 

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:06 Security Director is the Juniper  portal to a secure access service edge,  

0:11 known as SASE, a cloud architecture for  centralized network security management.

0:18 Through a single interface, administer  application security, firewalls,  

0:23 security intelligence, and security  policies across all environments.

0:28 Extend a security policy across  many thousands of physical,  

0:33 virtual, and containerized SRX  firewalls for consistent enforcement.

0:39 Use Junos Space Log Director, the  integrated logging and reporting app,  

0:44 to display rules and events in the same window.

0:49 Automatically detect events  

0:51 and prioritize security responses  using Actionable Attack Insights.

0:57 Enterprises and service providers can easily  optimize for security management innovations  

1:03 with the integrated, open, and secure  Junos Space Network Management Platform.

1:10 Security Director—a Juniper Networks  solution, that’s driven by experience.

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