Leonard Luna, Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Juniper Driving Interoperability Standards with Cloud Metro Solutions

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Still image of Leonard Luna, Product Marketing Manager at Juniper Networks standing next to a networking rack.

Juniper Networks’ Leonard Luna highlights how Juniper leveraged Cloud Metro solutions to collaborate with Ethernet Alliance, OIF and fellow industry vendors at OFC 2023 demonstrating how far multivendor interoperability has advanced. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper collaborates with industry vendors

  • What can be accomplished when following standards

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Leonard Luna Headshot
Leonard Luna
Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks


0:05 Juniper Networks is once again at ofc 23

0:09 in San Diego California let's see what

0:10 we're up to Juniper Networks is a proud

0:13 member of both oif and the ethernet

0:15 Alliance these organizations get

0:16 together every year to demonstrate how

0:19 their standards and their technologies

0:21 have advanced in such a way that make

0:23 interoperability between multivendor

0:24 Solutions possible let's see what

0:26 Juniper is doing in the ethernet

0:28 Alliance booth

Ethernet Alliance Booth

0:31 in the EA booth at ofc 23 Juniper is

0:35 featuring The ACX 7509

0:39 modular based routing platform the ACX

0:43 7100-48l and the PTX 10001 36 Mr core

0:49 routing platform

0:50 we're also featuring a wide array of

0:52 plugable Optics here from 50 gig bidi to

0:57 100 Gig Optics to 400 gig ZR ZR Plus

1:02 open ZR plus and common ZR Technologies

1:06 the demo is connected to a wide array of

1:10 various vendor uh test equipment other

1:12 routers Etc and these two Optics right

1:16 here are tying Juniper and the EA Booth

1:20 into the ofc net Network through the

1:23 fiber up there going to the ceiling

1:24 besides other locations you can go

1:26 through throughout the ofc conference

1:28 one of the locations is the oif booth

1:32 which we're going to go to next

OIF 400 Gig ZR Demo

1:34 so that's the cable that connects the

1:36 oif booth with ofc net

1:39 and the even Alliance boot here in the

1:43 oif 400 gig ZR demo we're pulling

1:46 together three different routing vendors

1:47 three different vendors of open Line

1:49 systems and 13 different vendors of 400

1:53 gig plugable modules Universe networks

Universe Networks MX304

1:55 is featuring its mx-304 routing platform

1:58 here in the oif 400 gig VR demo which is

2:01 a great illustration of what standards

2:03 like the type that oif and members like

2:06 Juniper Networks can achieve when we all

2:09 follow these standards here you see 12

2:11 different modules from 12 different

2:13 vendors all plugged into a single

2:16 routing platform the type of things that

2:18 we can achieve when we all work together


2:20 we have a great experience at the ofc

2:23 2023 meeting a lot of customers partners

2:27 and Industry analysts we have great

2:29 demos including the first ever demo of

2:33 an interoperability of open VR plus MSA

2:36 between Julie per 400gb ZR Plus plugable

2:40 and a third-party pluggable

2:44 and we see a lot of momentum around the

2:47 integration of coherent pluggables into

2:50 switches and routers and deployments of

2:53 Ip over dwdm the market has made a

2:55 triumphant return back to ofc 23. we've

2:58 heard great discussions and we've seen

3:00 incredible Innovation thanks for joining

3:02 me and to learn more about Juniper

3:03 Network Solutions go to juniper.net

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